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Bula Kava House
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Feb 13, 2020 at 5:31 PM
Aug 14, 2013
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Portland, OR
Kava bar and online kava vendor

Bula Kava House

Portland, OR, from Portland, OR

Kava Vendor
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Feb 13, 2020 at 5:31 PM
    1. MI_Gal
      Judd, I'm a newbie to the Kava world and I'm writing a business plan for a Kava bar in the Detroit area for a class I'm taking and am struggling with figuring out what the startup costs would be. Any advice or direction you could give me would be greatly appreciated!
    2. chasemandingo
      Judd, just wondering if you had any idea when you will have koniak back in stock? I haven't had any for a year or so and have a craving. Keep up the great work!
    3. skatetheclouds
      Thanks for the quality work! I have been really happy with the instants! Cheers from Colorado! Aloha
    4. Timothy Lanier
      Timothy Lanier
      Judd, I am about to place another kava order and was interested in seeing if you have any vendor to vendor discounts. If not, totally understand...just figured it would be smart to at least inquire:) Hope the holidays are treating ya well in ole portland!
    5. Teamfour
      Judd, I am trying to track down order number 11593 placed on December 17. Your website says it is still unfilled. Can you give me an ETA on this order?


      Lee Tilton
      1. Bula Kava House
        Bula Kava House

        Please send an email to and Una will look into it for you. I'd do it now but I'm not at the shipping location so my options are limited.
        Dec 27, 2014
    6. HerbalDude420
      Hey judd last week i ordered some kava and some kava making supplies. I got one of your kava cups and upon opening some stuff was flaking off the inside so i washed it out by hand and a few days later after using one or twice its now splitting in two different spots and its leaking i think i got a dud cup i just started to fall in love with that thing. I would hate to have to buy another one.
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    Portland, OR
    Kava bar and online kava vendor
    After falling in love with kava and the kava drinking culture in Hawaii, Judd Rench moved back to his home town of Portland, Oregon to roll the dice and start a bar specializing in serving the magical piper methysticum root beverage. Turned out the magic of kava is inherent in the drink itself and it wasn't much of a dice roll at all. The Portland kava bar, Bula Kava House has attracted a beautiful crowd from day one.

    Soon after opening we decided to spread the kava love worldwide and began selling the best kava in the world at reasonable prices online. The response has been amazing and we're happy that more people are now able to enjoy what we love so much.


    Spreading South Pacific love from the Pacific Northwest
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