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Belmont, CA
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    Belmont, CA
    Silicon Valley Kava Entrepreneur
    Fiji Fresh Inc. offers small batch, on demand production of Fijian waka and lewena powder, and whole roots. We opened for business on October 1st, 2018.

    Our kava is imported by the Fijian expat community in Northern California who know the kava industry.

    We are a small operation, and our output capacity is limited. We will do one shipment each week. All sales made Monday-Sunday will ship on Wednesday of the next week via USPS priority.

    1. We are not a powder importer. We import the whole roots and stumps of noble kava plants so we know exactly what's inside the kava we sell. Most online kava vendors import powder from overseas, but we don't.
    2. We only select mature plants (>5 years old). Some vendors will use plants as young as 2-3 years old, but in Fiji these plants are considered not sufficiently high in kavalactones. Our plants range from 5 to 10 years in age when they are harvested.
    3. Flavor is important. Yes, you heard it from us. Kava can taste good. We only use sun-dried kava, never fire dried, and we perform additional cleaning of the roots prior to pounding. We think it's better to taste the plant, not the soil it was planted in, or wood smoke it was cooked over.
    4. Tradition. We rod-pound our kava using the same methods used in Fijian villages.
    5. Your kava on demand. We are the only mainland kava source who makes powder on-demand. Each week, we collect all orders placed before Sunday at midnight. Then, on Monday and Tuesday, we pound the powder. On Wednesday morning, we ship your kava, so you're guaranteed to have it by the weekend.
    6. Design your own blends. We separate processing of the below ground root (Waka) and stump (Lewena). This allows you to adjust the flavor profiles and kavalactone concentrations to meet your own preferences.
    7. Want the whole root? No problem. We also sell whole, dried roots so you can experiment with your own processing techniques.
    8. Lab testing. The founders of Fiji Fresh are scientists. Every imported shipment of whole roots is tested for kavalactone chemotype and concentration. We work in laboratories at Stanford University to conduct tests of our kava and research methods to improve kava testing for everyone. We also use accredited, third-party botanical test labs to characterize our kava.
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