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Kava Dosages Am I Using The Right Amount?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by RickB, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. RickB

    RickB New Member

    I am kind of new to Kava. I have tried a few different types. I got the medium grind from kalm with kava and the instant. The instant seemed the best for me. I am a big guy 6'2" 320lbs so I am not sure if my dose sounds about right?
    With the instant I needed about 2 tablespoons not teaspoons. I have been seeing a lot of mentions of teaspoons so it seemed high. I also saw that medium grind you need about 3 times as much. Is that right?
    I got some medium grind from GHK and it seems a bit stronger than kalm but it seems like I would need about 5 tablespoons of the medium grind to get the same relaxation and head feeling.

    I have only being using Kava about 2 months and then I had a two month break. I was also wondering if I didn't get to the reverse tolerance yet?

    I also got an AluBall because the bag route is really slow and messy. Am I better off going that route?

    Thank you for any insight.

    I also like the pouni ono and loa waka at Kalm. I mixed those about 50/50 to get the feeling I am looking for. Is that considered heady here? What other ones are similar?
  2. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    one thing you don't have to consider: your size. Size has zero correlation with effects when it comes to kava.
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  3. RickB

    RickB New Member

    Thank you I had no idea about that.
  4. fait

    fait Position 5 Hard Support

    I've found my grog tends to be stronger when I do traditional prep over using a beverage shaker with Aluballs, although you get good strength with two Aluballs in a shaker. Traditional prep is only worthwhile to do if you're going to drink a LOT of grog at once or if you're having people over to share your grog with, so I opt to use Aluballs when I'm drinking solo.

    As for instant kava, I typically only use that for when I want "just one cup," usually during the day for me. If I anticipate wanting to drink multiple cups, that's where I go for the bag of medium grind and start prepping. Instant kava is convenient but the convenience comes with a price.
  5. RickB

    RickB New Member

    Thank you for that. I tried one wash took out the kava and added another 1.5 tablespoons in the ball with the same water and it got close to what I was expecting. I am going to have to get another ball.
  6. fait

    fait Position 5 Hard Support

    2 balls is optimal as most normal-sized beverage shakers can accommodate them. Plus one thing to remember with Aluballs is you shouldn't pack them too much with grind. If you do, what happens is the root is too dense to get completely water-saturated, and you make weak grog as a result. Two balls alleviate the problem so you can have more grind without packing each ball too densely. If you have a higher capacity shaker, you could put a third ball in!
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  7. sɥɐʞɐs

    sɥɐʞɐs ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Review Maestro

    I think most of us here would say; "the right amount is the amount that works for you." There's a pretty big variance in dosing between people and like Krunkface said, weight doesn't seem to be a factor. For example, I'm about 6 feet 155 Lbs and I drink 4-6 Tablespoons of Instant or micronized...and for medium grind (Traditional prep) I use 8-12 Tablespoons.