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Anybody delt with these guys...

Discussion in 'Kava Lounge' started by BULABUCK, Feb 3, 2014.


    BULABUCK ROOTLYFE. Looks awsome.. Lots of choices
  2. Kapmcrunk

    Kapmcrunk The Kaptain of Crunk KavaForums Founder

    Never heard of them. They're making medical claims on the front page which is a "no no" to begin with.

    I would comment on the fact that they offer the other herb we're trying to disassociate with kava. That alone would cause me to turn away. I'm a purist though, and no disrespect to those who choose to consume it.

    Be careful, but if you do buy from them always let everyone know how it went!
  3. HeadHodge

    HeadHodge Kneads Kava

    The site looks good, but I'm always a little wary when they are scrimpy about their contact info. The phone number they give is a 916 prefix, which I think is Sacramento CA. But they don't say anything about them and where they operate, so I guess they could just be a re-seller of another seller.

    They say email them for best response to questions, but they don't give you an email address. :confused:

    Plus they don't participate as a vendor on this forum. :(


    Yea u guys are right . Damn bummer.yea i don't want anything to do with the other either.just thought the instants and there choices of kava sound good but i hope there not mixing that other in there kava bars been known to do that and not say. Thx everyone
  5. kavadude

    kavadude ❦ॐ tanuki tamer

    Dehydrated kava cubes seems interesting...
  6. kavakavakrunk

    kavakavakrunk Kava = Peace

    This is a sister company of, which I have ordered from (UEI Extract) and it was BUNK. Do NOT order from these people.


    ok thx alot
  8. Ozzyfan121

    Ozzyfan121 Kava Enthusiast

    I order regularly from their sister company that KavaKavaKrunk mentioned and have had nothing but good experiences. Granted, I only have had their kratom, not their kava, but their prices are very competitive.
  9. ravahavakava

    ravahavakava Member

    I just ordered some of the 'five star'. I'll let you know how it turns out. I have high hopes - I believe that this is from Klin Kava - also the same people who provide Wow! to nakamal@home. They describe this as micronized from green kava - which is the same process described for Klin. I also noted from an ozzie forum post that the proprietor of Klin Kava had a product that he called five star some years ago. Here's a vid of the fellow
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    Look forward to
    It thats one of the ones i wanted to order
  11. Im buying some today to try, will let you know this afternoon…had it maybe 10 years ago when it first started & it was phenomenal but thats a long time ago. Bloody expensive but you use less with no waste though.
  12. HeadHodge

    HeadHodge Kneads Kava

    I was curious so I wrote to Klin Kava today:

    Subject: Kava Products

    Saw a video you made. Thanks for doing that.
    I’m in San Diego CA. Do you sell your products retail or only wholesale?
    Would it be possible to get a price list?

    He replied with:

    "Hi Bob

    We only wholesale. If your are considering orders under 100kg the freight from here to the US will be uneconomical for you. We have many different mixtures of powders but the main and best seller is TNN for $26-50/kg and Instant Kava for $135/kg.

    Hope this helps


    Maybe we could start a buyers club and do bulk orders!! ;)

    I would volunteer for quality control and distribution!!!
  13. Damn…drank 20 ounce bottle of fresh 30 mins ago, its 11am. I doubt i can unzip my fly to slash atm.
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  14. kavadude

    kavadude ❦ॐ tanuki tamer

    Haha thats awesome. I have asked for quotes from distributors in the past but never gotten a reply. Shame that under 100kg is uneconomical.
  15. They just put Billie Jean on in the resort lounge…if this isnt 'dancin' kava' then i dont know what is. There goes the tiny amount of credibility & style i had.

    "hey check out the 6'3 aussie dancing to MJ"

    "yeah were watching him…quick move the pool table"
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  16. ravahavakava

    ravahavakava Member

    I wonder what tnn is!

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  17. Kapmcrunk

    Kapmcrunk The Kaptain of Crunk KavaForums Founder

    I would seriously consider starting a kava CoOp
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  18. HeadHodge

    HeadHodge Kneads Kava

    Just saw this on another thread: "Noble Kava's Tanna Marang-Marang".
    What do you think, maybe he meant tmm instead of tnn.
  19. ravahavakava

    ravahavakava Member

    So, first notes on 'five star':

    I've never seen Kava like this before. It comes as a big cylinder of compressed powder -have to scrape and crush it in order to get it loose enough to scrape. The grind is medium-fine I would say, and very consistent. I started with 2 rounded tbs, and a ten minute squeeze in warm water. I would normally use 3 heaping tbs for my evening brew.

    The resulting brew is thinner than usual, and waaaaay milder tasting. This was the first batch of brew that I wasn't disgusted by. It's not tasty by any stretch, but it had far less after-taste than anything else I've had. A single swig of water, and my mouth was feeling fine.

    The effects came on fairly quick - I would say this is a pretty balanced Kava, with a slight emphasis on the Kavain side.

    Personally, I need to try a kava a few times before i get a clear sense of its properties, so I'll update after my next brew, which I will probably step up to 3 tbs.

  20. CanAwa

    CanAwa 1 kava 2 kava 3 kava COUCH

    I had order some kava from a supplier on amazon called mood and mind ..just came today ..took a long time's called premium Vanuatu kava ..says it's made of 100% lateral roots ..all I have to compare it to is a bag of paradise Fijian waka but it looks just a bit coarser and smells a bit more pungeant ! Anybody ever deal with these guys ?