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Anyone tried kava-gold ??

Discussion in 'Unknown Vendor / Product Discussion' started by greenbeen, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. greenbeen

    greenbeen Kava Enthusiast

    Ive placed an order with them and then tried searching for them on multiple forum topics. Unless i overlooked them, i couldnt find a word about them, not even under unknown vendors. Which is strange because i found him by reading somebody's post here. i dont think he has a website as i ordered via instagram and venmo.
    If the guy wasnt so nice i would be more skeptical, but he was very kind patient and welcoming. his prices almost matched kava depot so maybe he changed the name? anyone order from him or know anything about his buisness or quality of his kava?
  2. ThePiper

    ThePiper Kava Enthusiast

    I haven't ordered but I know a couple people liked the stuff. It's on the thread Instagram vendors or something.
  3. greenbeen

    greenbeen Kava Enthusiast

    i hope somebody has. I really dont like putting something unknown in my body. When i was younger I could care less. but nowadays i like to know every ingredient. Im sure its fine, im just mad at myself for not checking here first.
  4. _byron

    _byron Kava Enthusiast

    I went through a full kg of the kula. It is strong and good nothing seems off by any means
  5. greenbeen

    greenbeen Kava Enthusiast

    thats good, probably just me being paranoid/ cautious
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  6. krunkgod

    krunkgod Member

    Its good stuff.
  7. greenbeen

    greenbeen Kava Enthusiast

    It certainly is. im enjoying it right now, ill probably write a review for it later tonight or tomorrow. Ive been bouncing back and forth between kava gold and micro loa waka from kwk all wknd. Your icon reminds me of the taco bell dog
  8. krunkgod

    krunkgod Member

    ¡Yo quiero kava!
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