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News Article Australia - Vanuatu Kava Accord

Discussion in 'Kava News' started by Crunked, Jan 16, 2019.

  1. Crunked

    Crunked Proselytizer

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  2. Henry

    Henry . Moderator The Kava Society of New Zealand

    either they will allow shipping by mail of small amounts or will merely increase the personal allowance. that's what i've heard
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  3. Crunked

    Crunked Proselytizer

    Well if it's just increasing the personal allowance I think it will have a negligible effect (Option A). But allowing kava by mail (Option B) should be a bonanza for South Pacific producers. With this current government's history of bad decision making, I'm guessing they will go for Option A. ::fear2::
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  4. the_wilderness

    the_wilderness Kava Enthusiast

    crossing fingers and toes. after I had a big order confiscated at the start of this year I decided not to mail any more in...this news would take the edge off that loss!
  5. the_wilderness

    the_wilderness Kava Enthusiast

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  6. Ric

    Ric New Member
    It is unfortunate timing that scomo chose now, months out from an election, to make a public statement about easing kava restrictions here in australia. Because scott morrison has backed this move to free up kava supply in Australia, and there is an election approaching, its become fair game for competing political interests, so we are probably going to see a lot of these kind of stories coming out in opposition to relaxation of kava restriction.