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Video Chatting with Mike - owner of Kalm with Kava about sustainable farming

Discussion in 'Member's Videos' started by Steve, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Steve

    Steve Ozia - KavaKava Candy Kava Vendor

    Interesting insight into the kava industry with Mike Munsell the owner of Kalm with Kava. He has been traveling to small islands in the south pacific such as Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu working with kava growers and communities. Currently, there are not kava super farms but rather small family plots that have been growing for generations. Mike is directly helping these farmers with obtaining needed machinery along with guiding farm owners through regulatory hurdles. By buying direct from the farm, he can maintain and bring in highest quality kavas into the U.S. market while paying a premium price to farmers for their specific varietals. A win-win situation!

    To learn more please check out: @Kalm with Kava
  2. Krunʞy

    Krunʞy . Admin

    Awesome & informative video, thanks for posting Steve!
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  3. Steve

    Steve Ozia - KavaKava Candy Kava Vendor

    Sure thing @Krunʞy ! Very cool to hear all the things @Kalm with Kava is doing with these farmers :)
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  4. Krunʞy

    Krunʞy . Admin

    I am loving that fresh root, definitely ground breaking. Can't wait to try future strains.
  5. Kapmcrunk

    Kapmcrunk The Kaptain of Crunk KavaForums Founder

    Highly recommend everyone watch this. Really gives you a clear picture of how awesome this industry can be.
  6. Kojo Douglas

    Kojo Douglas Kava Enthusiast

    Cool! Interesting stuff. Love hearing about the agricultural economics of Kava. It's one of the few "good" industries out there.
  7. Steve

    Steve Ozia - KavaKava Candy Kava Vendor

    Curious has anyone tried the green kava? Good stuff! "preserved well" and tasted smooth
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  8. Steve

    Steve Ozia - KavaKava Candy Kava Vendor

    Thanks @Kapmcrunk ! absolutely, more good things to come as the world opens back up :)