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Comparable straings to Pouni Ono?

Discussion in 'I want a heady, sedating or a heavy kava.' started by VictoriousSpoon, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. Hi all,

    I am relatively new to kava. 20 years ago when i first tried kava, it made me feel momentarily feel very drunk, followed by becoming violently ill and dizzy with a massive headache. It's only recently I discovered noble kavas.

    After having tried Kalm with Kava's Tonga Pouni Ono and Vanuato instantized products, I am a fan. It's great stuff, but a bit on the pricey side.

    I wanted to ask other members, what are great comparable kava strains to those two? The Pouni Ono was more fitting for daytime/social events, and the Vanuatu for PM/relaxation.

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  2. sɥɐʞɐs

    sɥɐʞɐs ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Review Maestro

    Most of the Polynesian kavas will be similar to Pouni most Tongan, Samoan & Hawaiian root you find will be similar. The hawaiian stuff has a bit more variation though, but many are similar to the tonga/samoa stuff.

    Melanesian kavas can be very diverse, there are some that are just as light clean as the tongan stuff, but there are many that have more degrees of depth than that. Melanesian kava will often have a stronger, more herbal, piney or bitter flavor.
  3. Mo'iety

    Mo'iety Kava Enthusiast

    In terms of effect profile, Mo'i from Gourmet Hawaiian Kava should be close. I haven't tried Pouni Ono but it's a heady cultivar and Mo'i is among the headiest of headys (that I've sampled at least). It's one of, if not my favorite, kava. But it's so heady I often round it out with a bit of a more balanced cultivar when I prepare it, or make a shell of Mo'i after a shell or two of a different cultivar. in that case, it's great for getting the kavain buzz back without adding much to the ongoing heavy effects.

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  4. This is good to know. Just finished my Fijan Loa Waka from KWK, and before that had there Pouni. Probably time to take a little break to reset but when looking to buy more soon would like to get something as really heady as possible - anymore suggestions would also be welcome.
  5. OwenShang

    OwenShang Member

    Yeah, and I would like to know more as well.
  6. Hightide

    Hightide Member

    From what I've tried so far Tongan Choice from was similiar to Pouni Ono. I liked it more actually. It is heady and is good for loosening up socially
  7. Mo'iety

    Mo'iety Kava Enthusiast

    Mo'i from Gourmet Hawaiian Kava is my favorite for pure heady. Kelai from the Kava Society is supposed to be like that as well, perhaps even headier, but shipping costs to the US make it more expensive.
  8. ThePiper

    ThePiper Kava Enthusiast

    Kelai from The Kava Society New Zealand is super heady and nice.