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Do we have to wait another 11 years, for 11-year Waka ?

Discussion in 'Bula Kava House' started by Plantacious, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Plantacious

    Plantacious Kava Enthusiast

    What is the typical interval from the time 11-year runs out of stock, until it's available again ?
    Hopefully not 11 years ? :)
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  2. fait

    fait Position 5 Hard Support

    I would guess whatever vendors Judd orders from would have to have particular kava plants growing for 11 years before harvest. It wouldn't be unlike aging liquor. Each year, they plant a bunch of cuttings, and set that particular plot aside to grow for 11 years before they harvest it.
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  3. ThePiper

    ThePiper Kava Enthusiast

    Yeah I thought I heard somewhere that most batches aren't 11 years. They are supposedly significantly older than most farm kavas. I think maybe like 6-7 years and like the guy above said they are probably harvesting in rotation and replanting like every couple seasons. I am also curious if the plants sit in the ground for x amount of years or the advertised age just means the plant cutting have a heritage of many years. I.e, grow a plant for 11 years and then harvest, after which each cutting will be planted and again harvested every 3 years and keep the older plants attributes.
  4. Zaphod

    Zaphod Kava Enthusiast

    Only if you believe the marketing hyperbole ;).
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  5. Kojo Douglas

    Kojo Douglas Kava Enthusiast

    Well, ideally Kava farmers would stagger their 11 year Waka crops like foresters do. That way they can have a yearly supply of 11 year Waka. That being said, I have yet to see pictures of a Kava farm that looks like it is managed that way.
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  6. kastom_lif

    kastom_lif Kava Enthusiast

    I could be wrong, but I thought the term "11 Year" was just branding in honor of some original 11 year old stumps that were found on Wakaya island, Fiji.

    I don't know if "11 Year" is really that old nowadays, or if it's still grown from the same cuttings, or even if it's all grown on Wakaya.

    Wakaya is privately owned by none other than David Gilmour, the founder of Fiji Water. And that stuff is regular old well water.
  7. Kojo Douglas

    Kojo Douglas Kava Enthusiast

    11 year Waka should be in the ground for 11 actual years
  8. Bula Kava House

    Bula Kava House Portland, OR Kava Vendor

    The original batches were from exactly 11 year old plants. Over time, the younger plants that were in the ground have aged.

    Since the early days, it's logistically difficult to guarantee that exact age but we do buy kava that is purposefully allowed to mature much longer than normal. It's going to be a mix of root. Some may be 11 years old, some 12, some maybe 8. You get the picture. It is still the same cultivars used in the original batches. Heirloom, if you will. How's that for marketing hyperbole? (y)

    For transparency, we explain this very clearly on the product listing page. Bottom line though is that if you're into micro this product is really hard to beat.
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  9. Krunʞy

    Krunʞy Kava Enthusiast Admin

    So would aged Waka be a more appropriate named or 7-11 year Waka. I never knew it wasn't 11 years until now, than again I never drank it to be fair, so I would have not read the blurb you mentioned on the bag or description.
  10. Zaphod

    Zaphod Kava Enthusiast

    To be fair this is what it says on the website:
    "Like a fine wine, some kava gets better and stronger with age. This noble variety was allowed to grow in the fertile soil of Fiji for 8-11 years. During those years, our 11-year Waka blossomed into something truly special that has a smooth and mild flavor profile and a potent, heady effect."
    and I agree it is a great microgrind product. Very finely ground, good taste, and potent.
  11. Bula Kava House

    Bula Kava House Portland, OR Kava Vendor

    I've said multiple times on this site that it's not guaranteed to be 11 years old. I'm sure you saw the posts. And if you actually purchased the products, you'd see that fact clearly posted on the product page. We're going to go ahead and keep the name.
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