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Does anyone know what exactly in kava causes nausea?

Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by ApéroNoble, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. Steve Mariotti

    Steve Mariotti Kavapithecus Krunkarensis Review Maestro

    I started with 1/2 cup to 2/3rds of a cup, depending. But now I'm down to 2 heaping (and I do mean heaping) tablespoons per 2 cups of water. That's one "session" for me. So now that I've kind of hit my sweet spot, I find I don't need quite as much as before. I've also gotten MUCH better at getting all of the oilyness out of the root wad too. I'm a master kneader. I knead for 15 minutes all told, with a very small wetting second wash and third wash, usually.
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  2. lonnyzone

    lonnyzone Kava Enthusiast

    The taste.
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  3. RedSked

    RedSked New Member

    I seem to have had some success with yogurt and aloe juice/supplements. Seems to be a winning combo. I think part of it though is just eating some mushy food that will digest easily, pulling the kava down out of your stomach and into your gut. Good luck fellow kava drinkers!
  4. Camaytoc

    Camaytoc Kava Enthusiast

    My winner combo is eating a small yogurt and then an apple, well chewed.
    With that fixed, 20 min later I'm good to go for another session!
  5. Alia

    Alia 'Awa Grower/Collector

    Often, but not always, the traditional method is the best. This is why I suggest a quick shot-style downing of a cup of kava beverage. Taste is not why I drink kava and when I do not taste the beverage, and/or it does not linger, there is no upset. Another, separate possibility is that a particular batch of kava may not have been harvested or washed / processed properly. Cleaning kava root/stump is a process and maybe an art. This concept has even been written about in numerous scientific papers.
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