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Does anyone wish for more Kava normalization ?

Discussion in 'In-Depth Kava Discussion' started by Go Krunk Yourself, Feb 18, 2020.

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    I'm no proselytizer myself and what you're saying is spot-on. What I'd like to add though is to be ready for when you get someone curious about it. Have a good story and good information about kava so they can be better informed long-term. But if they don't care, their lack of interest doesn't hurt you. Just make yourself another shell and see where your mind takes you.
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  2. If it meant kava prices would go up, no. But if they remained unaffected, yes. Although for myself, kava is best enjoyed at home to decompress and have a lazy night; for me it's not nearly as pro social as alcohol.
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    Wow, I love the thoughtfulness put into some of these responses.
    Kava bars have been popping up in the communities that are both aware and receptive to it - unfortunately that is still rather limited. I do think we are on an exponentially rising curve here in California - its simply taken over a decade of the bad wrap from the German findings and bans based off their 1997 findings (which were ultimately reversed or lifted a few years).
    Hopefully, with collective e
    Like @Kapmcrunk says, we have to individually play and do our part to conversate about Kava and bring it out to for the healthier alcohol alternative that it is.

    Another idea that comes to mind @Go Krunk Yourself is to try simply starting your own kava circle. This is much less committal nor costly than a kava bar. I would assume you may want to purchase a couple pounds of Kava powder, and then simply use sites like and facebook to advertise bi-monthly meet ups hosted in a relaxing setting where you reside. Just a thought.

    Hope this helped!
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