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Does Kava "find you"

Discussion in 'Kava and Spirituality / Mindfulness' started by Hightide, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. Hightide

    Hightide Member

    Hey everyone,

    Wondering what your thoughts are on Kava finding or choosing its users. I think lots would agree that Kava does have a natural intelligence, what I think a lot of the time is referred to as listening to the Kava. I'm wondering if a person has to be drawn to Kava or not to drink it. What do you think? Im asking because I know my sister could really benefit from the effects and it could help her with mental health. I just dont want to push too hard at the risk of annoying the shit out of her or worse the Kava having adverse effects.
  2. listentothekava

    listentothekava Chief of Grog

    When I first heard of Kava, as if I were pulled to it, I found it locally and from then on, my path changed significantly. I have tried to pass it on to a few close friends and they say it’s interesting and that they feel it. At the same time, they brush it off as if it were a scheme. In my personal opinion the individual has to want to spend a good amount of time, and dedicated time at that. To observe, or listen, to the Kava. To hear its nature and learn how to apply its lessons. And to do that they have to trust in nature and this potent plant.
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  3. Hightide

    Hightide Member

    I'm curious how did your path change? I think I agree with you, that there has to be a willingness to listen. I find even If I take kava, if I don't listen to it telling me to slow down, it can lose its touch.
  4. kavakarma

    kavakarma Kava Enthusiast

    I trust Kava. It is a beautiful plant ally, holding smells and sensations within as many plants do. Tobacco is the guardian of all things that smell like Tobacco. This smell brings certain memories and implications and is involved when you spend time with the plant. Kava. I think you are correct that Kava is a friendly being and there are humans who fit the type to fall in love with it.
  5. Hightide

    Hightide Member

    I've found that certain memories reappear with kava. Like I will drink and a moment will pass and it will have the sort of texture as a previous kava sitting. Maybe this just kava grounding me. I'm going to try to get more into its smells and tastes
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  6. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    I've told the story so many times they'll shoot me if I mention it again but kava found me and saved my life, with impeccable timing.
  7. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    Yes, one of my simple guiding principles every day has been "trust the kava" and for me that has been a really wonderful guide.
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  8. listentothekava

    listentothekava Chief of Grog

    In reference to my change of path—
    Since the introduction of Kava, my life has gained a sacred energy. Nature has never felt so comforting. I have OCD so Kava helps me handle most of my stress and allows me to be at a calm state rather than overthink everything and miss the moment. But thats just like, my opinion, man. I'm sure others will say the same on behalf of kava and her anti-anxiety powers though.
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  9. Hightide

    Hightide Member

    I can relate, I feel I've missed so much of life just getting caught up in obsessive thoughts.. Kava is such a blessing in restoring the present moment
  10. ThePiper

    ThePiper Kava Enthusiast

    I think people should try kava and they will know if they are drawn to it after a few attempts. Some will get some effect but not be drawn to it, some won't get any effect but will continue working with it because they are seeking it's it's benefits. Either way when they try it they will likely know whether they want to continue working withit or not.

    I have friends who have tried it enough because of my encouragement that they get the effects now but they can take it or leave it. Interestingly, most of my friends who I have introduced to kava do like it but their interest in it only goes as far as enjoying shells with me every time we chill. All of these friends drink alcohol casually to varying degrees. I do have one friend who drinks kava at home now after years of drinking it when he was around me. I have another friend who likes it and would drink it at home if it were cheaper. Alcohol is just more convenient and affordable for him and his wife to unwind. He drinks it pretty enthusiastically with me though.

    As far as kava "choosing" you, I do know people who have either tried kava and didn't "get" it and later tried again and changed their mind, and my brother used to enjoy kava a lot with me and sometimes on his own but cannot tolerate the stomach effects at all now and he shudders at the thought of drinking it. He does drink a lot of alcohol though, and he wasn't drinking often when he did drink a lot of kava.
    Maybe there is a time and a place for everyone to benefit from kava, I don't know.
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  11. Hightide

    Hightide Member

    Interesting, you paint of a good picture of how Kava can be so different for everyone. I guess a person does have to be open to the idea of Kava to begin with though, and open to change because it does seem to be a catalyst for change. Perhaps thats why some choose alcohol, it doesnt require the personal reflection that Kava seems to. Not bashing drinkers though, to each their own
  12. AaronCobra

    AaronCobra New Member

    Great advice! It takes a lot of time to get to know Kava, but once you do and you find your ritual and recipe it truely is a wonderful experience.
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  13. krunkgod

    krunkgod Member

    Kava found me when I was neck deep into a full blown alcohol addiction. I was "intervention" the tv show levels of drinking. Completely in disarray and mentally ill. I do a hybrid combination of pharmaceuticals and natural things now to cope with my crappy brain. I feel light years better without hangovers and regretful decisions that seemed to always follow my alcohol use.
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  14. the_wilderness

    the_wilderness Kava Enthusiast

    i WISH kava would find me again. It's impossible to get here (Down Under) now that I've been blacklisted by customs. So I continue on with the awful chemical cocktail that is, in the end, a poor substitute for kava with unpleasant side effects to boot. Come back, kava!
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  15. Mo'iety

    Mo'iety Kava Enthusiast

    I read that Australia is supposed to be rolling out commercial importation of kava soon. So maybe there'll be some legitimate vendors down there in the near future.
  16. the_wilderness

    the_wilderness Kava Enthusiast

    I'm not sure what 'commercial importation' will look like, but hoping it means proper root. I'll might career change to kava supply if it does. :D yegods i miss you kava