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First experience with Kava. Mostly good

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by MCKB, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. MCKB

    MCKB New Member

    Hello there,
    This will be my first post on this fantastic forum. I would like to share my first experience with Kava cause I thought it might be useful for people considering trying Kava, a lot of the threads could be a bit discouraging for someone who hasn't tried it yet and are still considering whether to go for it or not.

    So I bought 3 tubs of micronized from KVK and figured balanced would be the way to go, so for my first time I opted for Loa Waka. Had myself a semi(!) heaped tablespoon and waited 20 minutes. Couldn't feel much TBH. Tried 1 generous tablespoon and a half tablespoon. Started doing the laundry listening to a podcast, took half and hour with some cleaning up afterwards. When I got into the kitchen where my girlfriend was cooking dinner I found myself oddly smiling for no reason. This is when I knew this stuff delivers what it promises. Music sounded better, the jokes in the podcast was funnier and overall I was way more cheerfull. While still remaining sharp and energized.
    I made my girlfriend a drink of puono oni(feeling like I misspelled that one) 2 tablespoons. She could only get half of it down. As the former (HEAVY) user of hash. I thought, no problemo, chugged it down and proceeded to make myself a mix of puono oni and Loa waka(I felt so good and wanted to see if it could get even better). Then taking down the trash half an hour later, listening to Underworld I was hit with melancholic/anxiety-like feelings accompanied by the well-known jawlock.

    I'm just trying to say, if you don't feel much first time. Try upping the does a bit, but don't go overboard like I did.
    I should add that I feel like I had 8 beers in 1 1/2 hours, motorwize, my head is still clear.
    I know my post was crazy long, but if any rookie or to-be consumer reads this I hope it can paint a picture of what one might expect.

    Cheers and thanks for creating the forum, I look forward to seeing what this interesting root has got in store for me- I'll try less tomorrow
  2. Krunʞy

    Krunʞy . Admin

    Welcome aboard, in a way it's good you have a low tolerance as it will save you some good $$ down the road. So much kava for you to try out there..Enjoy the ride. :)
  3. i can claim that it does feel like youve had 8 beers and the amazing part is all you need is 1 teaspoon of the stuff welcome to kava you will enjoy every bit of it.