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Folks I need some help

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by KavaKavaJava, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. KavaKavaJava

    KavaKavaJava Botanical Enthusiast

    Hello fellow Kava lovers I'm in dire need of help. I'm going on over a month sober from alcohol and it's been an amazing experience.

    However recently I've been experiencing terrible insomnia from the latest batch of Boronguru from KWK. The last batch I ordered worked wonders for me and kept me asleep for a solid 8 hours. The batch i received just last week is very stimulating and almost reminds me of a borogu from KWK.

    My question to you folks is do you have any suggestions of what kava is the very best for sleep/sedative qualities. Something that is easily ordered. Thank you so much folks!
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  2. fait

    fait Position 5 Hard Support

    It almost sounds like they gave you something other than Borongoru. Borongoru should conk you out. A couple questions that may help the rest of us guide you.

    1a. How much kava are you drinking? (be sure to measure the specific vessel you're drinking from and multiply by the number of this quantity you drink)
    1b. How strong are you making your kava?
    2. What time of day are you drinking it?
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  3. KavaKavaJava

    KavaKavaJava Botanical Enthusiast

    Thank you for the response back. First off I'm a light weight at 155lbs. I prepare my kava in a blender two measured tablespoons and add a flax seed capsule to the grog.

    I usually drink it at 4 or 5 PM latest and attempt to go to sleep around 9. I take 3 milligrams melatonin as well and avoid all caffeine past 7 AM.

    I've tried reducing the amount I use to one tablespoon and had the exact same problem. I use hot water (not boiling) and I blend for 3 minutes 20 seconds. I then squeeze my medium grind into a shell using a paint strainer bag from home depot.

    In a complete random note, the paint strainer bags work wonders. Many people use them for making almond milk they are made of a mesh material and food safe. Costing at 2.00 USD for a bag of two.
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  4. fait

    fait Position 5 Hard Support This thread may enlighten you. I don't know how recently you ordered your Borongoru and if the batch from a month ago is the same one you got your kava from, but it sounds like it is headier than normal.
    The quantity of medium grind is one part of the equation. Two tablespoons can be a strong batch or a weak batch, depending on how much liquid you prepare it in. If you're making it on the weaker side, your problem may lie in not drinking enough kava, too much volume with too little of the sedative effects. In addition to how much volume you make, it's also important to tell us how much liquid you're drinking, how many quantities of that volume, and how much time you allow in-between cups.

    For example, when I make kava with medium grind, I usually make a quart of kava with two Aluballs. Filling the Aluballs loosely-packed almost to the brim of half is about 4 tbs worth. I shake the two Aluballs with a little over a pint of warm water, pour the resulting liquid into a vessel, then shake again with a little less than half a pint, and combine that with the first wash. Once this grog is ready, I drink a 4-5 fl oz cup every 15-30 minutes until I run out. The last bit is usually <4 fl oz, so I may drink this right after a full glass to finish it off more quickly.

    Whether or not you find it necessary to give me more specifics on how you do your kava session, what I advise is to try a different heavy kava like Melo Melo (I believe multiple vendors sell this) or Kava Supreme (from Kavafied), or Nambawan (Bula Kava House) and see if you feel different from the Borongoru.
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  5. Zaphod

    Zaphod Kava Enthusiast

    For me Bula Kava House's Nambawan is the best for sleep. It is heady early on, really good sedation later - and never gives me that wired stimulating effect. I always try putting 2 hours between my last shell and bed time, which is good enough for most kavas but nambawan I can do a shell right before putting my head on my pillow without a problem.
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  6. KavaKavaJava

    KavaKavaJava Botanical Enthusiast

    I really appreciate all the feedback folks! I use maybe 1 1/4 cups of water for my two tablespoons and I pretty much slam and swish the entire cup down all at once. This is brewed all at once. I will definitely look into these Kavas and unfortunatly I cant remember if I ordered my last batch in September or not :(. I'll definitely do some digging and try to figure it out!

    Edit: last bag I ordered was August 15th so this is indeed different.
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  7. fait

    fait Position 5 Hard Support

    I'd consider this a pretty strong cup. I'm using approximately 4 tbsp for a quart, albeit I'm doing two washes instead of just the one. If you're concerned about medium grind busting your wallet, you can reuse kava grounds multiple times. I personally only use mine 3 times but there are some folks around here that will use them more times than that.

    On a slower evening on your schedule, I'd recommend making more kava and drinking multiple cups. The effects of kava are best appreciated when layered over each other. There are many kavalactones in kava, each with different onsets and durations. The sedative kavalactones tend to be longer-lasting but they take a while to kick in. With each cup of kava you drink, you're renewing the effects and prolonging them. Having more cups in an evening may help you fall asleep and curb the anxiety issue if the Borongoru is specifically to blame for that issue.
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  8. KavaKavaJava

    KavaKavaJava Botanical Enthusiast

    Well the interesting thing is I tried doing just that too. It gave me overwhelming anxiety almost like an extreme rush and I could not stop moving. I'm not sure what is going on but I will keep experimenting and I really, really appreciate all your help