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Fresh Hawaiian?!

Discussion in 'Kava Lounge' started by Bula Kava House, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. scaryjarri

    scaryjarri Member

    You must have gotten mine that was ordered 2 weeks ago:)

    It was good though. I just took that money and bought 4# from ghk and waiting on bula to stock up a little more.

  2. Dr.Krunk

    Dr.Krunk Certified Quack

    Maybe, but my order took about that long as well. My order was placed on Feb.14, and I received it today being the 27. They must have too many orders going on as BKH suggested. The wait time I believe is worth it, just nice to know ahead of time for what you are getting into.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
  3. Etu's Kava

    Etu's Kava New Member

    Etu's Kava is now available in Canada. You can buy it in 10 locations around the BC Lower Mainland but we are working to expand to Alberta and Ontario Soon!
  4. Zac Imiola (Herbalist)

    Zac Imiola (Herbalist) Kava Enthusiast

    Woot. You should open a kava bar in Niagara Falls ;) that'd benefit one of us
  5. Zaphod

    Zaphod Kava Enthusiast

    Maybe two on occasion...