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Happy Warrior?!?!?!

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by BoomKanani808, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. BoomKanani808

    BoomKanani808 WatGetFoDinnah!!!

    Im a newbie to this forum and also kava(mixing my own). I would drink beer with my friends while they would mix all night. I would take a few shells with them while drinking alcohol. At the time I never knew that you cant have both at the same time as it is very bad for your health. I got tired of drinking alcohol everyday as it was engulfing my life which sucked. So i decided to kick the habit of alcohol! My friend gave me a bag of this kava and have never looked back since! About a month sober from alcohol. I was just wondering if any of you folks tried this kava before.......... upload_2020-3-24_17-44-19.jpeg
    most Polynesian stores/liquor stores on Oahu sell them. 21 bucks for an 8 ounce bag. This is my friends go to stuff. Before Happy Warrior, his go to kava was Kavaboy.

    The effects are excellent. It has everything you would want from kava body melt, happy feels, sociable, uplifting, potent, and heavy. After the first shell it hits you like a brick. The only down fall is it turns me into a slug the next day lethargic/headache. I searched the forums about hangovers and majority say that there isn't supposed to be one. You guys think it has tudei mixed in???

    Also couldn't find any reviews of this brand anywhere!:banghead:
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  2. Krunʞy

    Krunʞy . Admin

    Welcome aboard, try Gourmet Hawaiian Kava for something similar. I never heard of that particular vendor.
  3. BoomKanani808

    BoomKanani808 WatGetFoDinnah!!!

    Im currently having some GHK Mahakea and Tikarams Fiji waka 1:1 right now. Chilled out right now.