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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by GoodnightAngel01, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. GoodnightAngel01

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    Hello all!

    I am brand new to Kava and just recently received my first powdered kava from Kalm with Kava. I got the Borogu variety and tried it for the first time on Friday when I got it in the mail. First of all, this stuff is NASTY. The taste has almost made me feel like I’m not so sure I am going to be able to stick it out through the reverse tolerance thing because even trying the trick of having a chaser (I had unsweetened vanilla almond milk on hand and used that) and chugging it without breathing through my nose and not breathing through my nose until I’ve chased it, still....OMG GROSS!! I haven’t really felt anything amazing from it yet and I was prepared going into this knowing that it’s possible and I am definitely not one of the lucky ones where they felt their omg moment in their drink. The only thing I think I noticed was feeling a little sleepy a few hours after I had my last drink. Oh and the numbing of my tongue.

    The question I have is it possible that the kava drink can cause headaches? It’s really impossible for me to tell if the fact that my migraine that started Friday BEFORE I drank my first preparation of kava just hasn’t gone away yet or if the headache I am currently experiencing is a side effect of the kava. I have chronic migraines so it’s really difficult to say but since I’m still having a headache even after taking my abortive med made me kinda wonder if the kava that I’ve had each night since has just prolonged it.

    I take zomig as my abortive med and I’ve read somewhere that it can interact with kava. Does anyone else take Zomig and what have your experiences been if you’ve taken it on a day you’ve also had kava?

    Thanks for reading! I just ordered some micronized Boronguru from KWK that I’m excited to try because I really find the whole traditional preparation cumbersome and time consuming. Maybe it will grow on me but I also wanted to try the micronized just to see what the difference is. And I wanted to try the Boronguru so I figured that was the perfect way to do both. I should get that mid week.
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    Kava doesn't normally cause headaches unless, possibly, the headache is a side effect of dehydration or kava is one of your migraine triggers (not likely). It might be best to stop drinking it until the headache clears up if you're not getting noticeable benefits from the kava.

    As far as the taste, an instant kava made from fresh root is much easier to get down. No prep required and easy to dilute or adjust the amount you consume in each "shell". If you need a lot of it to get where you want to be it, it can be a bit expensive though.