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Discussion in 'Health & Wellness' started by Kapmcrunk, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Kapmcrunk

    Kapmcrunk The Kaptain of Crunk KavaForums Founder

    Hi again kava lovers. New forum #2. Yeah, watch out, you might all end up with your own subforum by the end of it.

    This is the dedicated Health & Wellness section of KF.
  2. schatz

    schatz itchin for kava

    Thanks Kapm, good idea since everybody here has basicly similiar goals, it might be interesting what comes of it.
  3. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    I have found a bunch of good health & wellness effects that I attribute to kava. It has been really wonderful for me.
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  4. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    I would love to see some lists here, in part so I can know what to look out for. Sometimes if you don't know what you're looking for, you might miss it. And if they tell you to watch the basketball you miss the gorilla.

    What I am interested in is:

    1. Beneficial effects of kava that we know for a fact are real.

    2. Things that we think kava might be good for but we can't say for sure yet.

    3. Dubious claims for kava or outright nonsense.

    I don't think kava is a panacea, although it strikes me as more of a panacea than any other plant on the planet, and especially suited to addressing current public health issues, I think it is an amazing plant that has made my already pretty decent life much better and has tremendous potential for good in the world.
  5. Krunʞy

    Krunʞy Admin

    1 and 2 are between this sub forum and this one;

    3. Is here;
  6. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

  7. Plantacious

    Plantacious Kava Enthusiast

    Happy 1 Year Anniversary to the H&W Sub-Forum of KF !
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  8. Krunʞy

    Krunʞy Admin

    A few updates, 2 sub forums inside the H & W forum have been added. Also (cuz I'm lazy) a new one inside New Members Forum focusing on the most asked question of all.