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Holy crap guys I can still drink kava...

Discussion in 'Kava Lounge' started by yepimonfire, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. yepimonfire

    yepimonfire Kava Enthusiast

    I was leery about it when beginning my new meds but anxiety got the best of me one evening so I drank a small amount to see how I reacted, nothing bad happened so I had some more, still fine, several sessions later and I'm still doing okay.

    The world suddenly seems like a better place...

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  2. endwatcher

    endwatcher Is there death before life?

    Glad I was able to buy some Waka at a discount before you found out, lol :happy:
    Kiddin, thats great news though.
    If you dont mind, whats the medication?
  3. yepimonfire

    yepimonfire Kava Enthusiast

    Buspar and viibryd.

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  4. Akava

    Akava Kava Enthusiast

    So kava is not enough to combat your anxiety?
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  5. endwatcher

    endwatcher Is there death before life?

    Hmm, Hows the Buspar working for ya?
  6. yepimonfire

    yepimonfire Kava Enthusiast

    Both meds working better than prozac, which was a joke. And no akava, unfortunately it isn't, however when drinking kava along with the medications, it's managed quite well. To use kava for anxiety alone would require me dosing multiple times a day, I also suffer from depression, which kava has little to no positive effects on for me, on the contrary certain strains will deepen unmanaged depression sometimes for me. I have really really bad anxiety, I found out a few weeks ago my testosterone is really low which may actually be the cause of both anxiety and depression, currently bring treated for it and will see how it pans out.

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  7. violet

    violet Do all things with love Moderator

    @yepimonfire Have you had your vitamin D levels checked [25(OH)D test, not a 1,25(OH)₂D test]? Having low D will really mess with your neurotransmitters, and low D is significantly correlated with low testosterone

    To really get enough D from the sun, you'd have to be quite close to the equator on a completely clear day and mostly nude on a daily basis. Most of us do not get hardly the exposure we need to make sufficient amounts of vitamin D even in the summer months and are thus deficient without supplementation. Also if your cholesterol is too low or if you are taking statins your ability to make vitamin D will be seriously impaired.

    I struggled mightily with major depression for too many years, taking the gamut of psych meds. Over the years I tweaked a lot of things without getting results, but I believe it was getting my vitamin D to an acceptable level that helped me the most, followed by finding the right way of eating that supports healing in my body. Right after my D level tested at 47 it was like a switch was flipped inside. I still have anxiety problems, but I don't think it's chemically caused (anymore) and kava helps immensely, where I don't think it would have given me much benefit had I discovered it in my past.

    Even though it is so easy to correct, so many of us are severely deficient in vitamin D. I attribute this to doctors not attaching nearly enough importance to to vitamin D, despite how necessary it is for the proper functioning of vital body processes.

    I hope you are able to get on top of managing your depression and anxiety. Symptom relief is always helpful, but it is very freeing when you find the things your body needs to help it heal itself.
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  8. That's good new Yepimonfire and it's even better if both meds and Kava help you feel better. But better than anything is the low Testosterone. If that is the cause of some of your anxiety, then that can be easily fixed. As Violet mentioned, the Vitamin D is also worth looking into. My doctor made a big deal out of it when my blood test showed that both my Testosterone and Vitamin D was low. But other than losing my super human strength (lol), the low testos was having very little impact on my life (I'm an oldster). But he made a really big deal out of the Vitamin D shortage and somehow the Testosterone and Vitamin D have a connection but I'm not a medical guy.
  9. Bert07

    Bert07 Me like da kava

    I told you you'd be alright ;). Vitamin D is pretty good but I'd also recommend taking a fish oil capsule everyday. Anything with the omegas is great for the mind and the body. I know far too many people who don't "believe" in vitamin supplements but I say they can't hurt. What I take every morning are 2 Multi-vitamins, a Vitamin C supplement (1000mg), a Vitamin D capsule (preferably the gel capsules; I hear this form is better for absorption for D), and a Fish Oil (usually Cod Liver oil). You can also switch between the days and take Flaxseed oil or Lecithin if you would prefer instead of Fish oil all of the time. Remember man, diet and exercise is crucial for health and well-being. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Especially if you suffer from anxiety and depression, you are going to be depleting a lot of your body's nutrients and you need to replenish this loss. Stress and high cortisol levels are a killer and are probably the reasons for low testosterone.
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  10. yepimonfire

    yepimonfire Kava Enthusiast

    Yeah he found low d3, slightly low, but this of course could be from the fact it's been cold lately and I've avoided being outdoors and when I am, I'm wearing a hoodie. I've had the anxiety and depression over a year, I'm not depressed or anxious about anything, it's pointless mindless anxiety that is completely unrelated to my situational state. I do take fish oil as well as vitamin b complex. Started taking D when I found out it was low. Possibly tmi, but my once no existent sex drive has gone back to normal after starting trt.

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  11. violet

    violet Do all things with love Moderator

    ^ All this... I go willy-nilly with supplements from time to time, but always go back to a few on a mostly regular basis. D3 in softgel is better absorbed because it's fat soluble. You should take it with food anyway, but for some that may not tolerate D3 in softgel you can take it in dry form too, also comes in drops. D is very safe, but vit A balances it out (yay for cod liver oil!). If you are supplementing D to correct a deficiency, it can take a lot to replenish it before you start building it... a maintenance dose for someone with adequate D levels might be 2000-5000 iu daily, correcting deficiencies can take 5000 to upwards of 10,000 iu daily for up to 6 months.

    Vit D3 synergizes very well with a good K supplement and a chelated or topical magnesium. I also think omega 3's are usually a good addition, and a multi to round things out. I know many who don't believe in vitamins, but D3/K/Mag/O3's with an occasional multi and cod liver oil have done amazing things for me. I don't notice anything when I take them, it's what happens when I don't take them... the effects are HUGE but very subtle.

    While I'm at it, getting enough quality salt is more important than most people realize. Especially if you are subjecting your body to things that have a diuretic effect (like kava, certain diets and medications). An adequate salt intake will prevent the loss of electrolytes despite losing and having to take in more fluids.

    And I also agree with exercise, never underestimate the power of what it can do, especially with respect to brain chemicals.
  12. sentiententity

    sentiententity Kava Enthusiast

    Yeah exercise is good for getting those endorphins flowing.

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