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Kava doesn't get me off anymore

Discussion in 'Kava Lounge' started by yiki, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. yiki

    yiki Kava Enthusiast

    It is shocking yet oddly comforting to know that im not the only one having that "problem" :p
    It is also quite interesting to hear that you associate a heavy feeling with yangonin. My reference kava was VKS "Kaolik" which was beautiful in its "expansive" and "creative" headhigh. You could feel some substance to it that went beyond a simple rush. Euphoric yet not short lived. Even small amounts added to a bland kava adds more color to it. I have very very little left its so sad.

    Current kava im trying is pouni oni
    which i also a dissapointment. Not heady enough to get you off, but also sedating so that higher doses just lead to more sedation. The worst of two worlds.

    It is strange, even kavas like vks malekula magic had a euphoric component to it that is missing now.

    Amen to that.

    And well...

    You heard me right :p
    But i mean it more in a metaphorical, you need to accumulate a critical mass of ...and just reach a tipping point...where...
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  2. ThePiper

    ThePiper Kava Enthusiast

    Have you had fijifresh kava? It's strong as hell and if i drink the lawena at night on a partially empty stomach I get a very nice euphoria for a couple hours. I used to get a similar result that was a little better but less punchy from Kula from BKH. Its a bummer to see that BKH stopped carrying their awesome Tongan strains. Borogu from kalm gives me a pretty nice full spectrum euphoria if I drink it in the right setting. And it's cheap.

    I think at least some of the problem might be tolerance. I drink kava daily and have for a couple years smand really feel that it's harder to get that sense of novelty from kava. But it is damn hard to find a kava that is super euphoric and not sedating or too heavy.

    Lastly, every now and then I will go through a period of maybe 1-7 days where kava is just not doing it for me. It either starts bothering my stomach too much or it just makes me sleepy. But then it goes back to normal after a few days.
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  3. Jerome

    Jerome Kava Enthusiast

    iAgreed @ThePiper .

    I've been chewing the waka roots from Fiji Fresh and it's legit. I haven't tried their powder yet but I imagine it will be an upcoming purchase for me.

    The Fiji Fresh is VERY good for stress/anxiety.
  4. Go Krunk Yourself

    Go Krunk Yourself Kava Enthusiast

    I remember when I tried 11 year waka and it knocked me ON MY ASS so much I had to sell it, now I only get mild kava buzzes from everything but i've been blaming it on my usage of SSRI's, now I'm not so sure.
  5. Go Krunk Yourself

    Go Krunk Yourself Kava Enthusiast

    Wanted to follow up to say people mentioned Kava Supreme from the guys who make the aluballs and I have to say I'm really liking this Kava.