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Kava gives me insomnia

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by mojzekinohokker, May 28, 2019.

  1. mojzekinohokker

    mojzekinohokker New Member

    I bought Loa Waka medim grind from KWK. Tried it a few days ago. This was the first time I've used kava. I prepared it the traditional way. I took 20g on an empty stomach. I definietly felt some slight relief but really not by far the effects that most user like to experience. So I tought it must be reserve tolerance. No problem I just use it until I break it. Sadly on that night I couldn't sleep at all. Maybe an hour. The weird thing is that I took 0,25 mg Clonazepam and even this didn't put me to sleep. I do not take it regularly. Only on rare occasions but it's always working normally. The day after that I dindn't have kava and I slept without problem on my own. I tried my luck yesturday too. I took 15g kava on an empty stomach on 07am. Same effect. Some slight relief but not much. Definietly not sedating. The weird thing is that I also have tinnitus and it lowered the volume both times extremly to almost be non existent. I wasn't looking for that effect I wanted rather muscle release as I have stomach cramps from anxiety.
    Anyway I tought those effects will come in time for sure I just need to take it for a few weeks. But then the night came and I realized I can't sleep again. It was like 2am when I had to take 0.5mg Clonazepam so that I can sleep a few hours. An hour later I was asleep.
    I'm really sad. Why can't I enjoy Kava without having insomnia ? It might be because Loa Waka has also an energizing effect ? Because I also don't tolarate coffe for example. I din't drank coffe or coke in 20 years !

    Did anyone had similar experience with kava ? I mean will I have always insomnia from it or can that be changed ? Is it woth to try smaller ammount or just try a heavy kava like borongoru ?

    Thank you
  2. avahZ

    avahZ YAHWEH Shalom

    Yes there are some of us that only use Kava early or only on nights that I can stay up later. Seems many can sleep on it, I can not. Kava is still tops for chilling out, avoiding alcohol, calming bad nerves, etc. I use it daily (kava kandy each morning) as a muscle relaxer. I can get some major back cramps and this helps. Prescription muscle relaxers also lock my bladder up and that is rather uncomfortable...
  3. mojzekinohokker

    mojzekinohokker New Member

    So that's it ? I need to accept that I can't sleep with it ? Isn't it worth trying different dosages or strains ?
  4. Edward

    Edward Aluballin' in the UK Kava Vendor

    Definitely try some heavier strains. The Premium Vanuatu from Root of Happiness is my go to sedative. Try it in the instant, it's pretty reliable.

    Other options are Kavafied Supreme, 11 yr waka from BKH, Hiwa from GHK, lots of options.
  5. mojzekinohokker

    mojzekinohokker New Member

    Thank you for the quick tips.
    I just checked to root of happyness site. Do they send to Europe ? It seems I can only choose Canada and Mexico outside the USA

    Also I wonder what would happen if I would drink a serving from 40g instead of 20g from the same Loa Waka. Would be the cause of insomnia amplified or would I be more sedated from the higher ammount of kavalactones ?
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  6. ThePiper

    ThePiper Kava Enthusiast

    I get that with some kava. It really does mess up a good nights sleep when that happens. But not all kavas do that for me. The ones that do are so nice to stay up late with on the weekend though.

    I would suggest trying a different kava. Maybe vula waka from kalm with kava?
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  7. aviavieu

    aviavieu Member

    Kava can stimulate so it is no wonder that it can make sleep difficult. Change the chemotype to a more relaxing one :)