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Kava in Canada

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by MichaelMcKava, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. MichaelMcKava

    MichaelMcKava Member

    Hello there. My interest in legal substances and substances in general has lead me to Kava. I want to order online but I'm not sure from where. I want a kava concentrate or extract, and I live in Canada. Please only give advice if you know FOR A FACT that it is a high quality vendor as I have had many poor quality legal drugs from Canadian vendors that has lead to a lot of nausea and not working (particularily with Kratom)

    Thank you. and any dosage advice for how to start would be appreciated too.
  2. MichaelMcKava

    MichaelMcKava Member

    So I found out on my own that Kalm with Kava .com delivers to Canada... so I'm going to be ordering 10 ounces of their concentrate. Anyone have any experience with this product or a similar one?
  3. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    Yes. It's an excellent product. Pricey but probably worth it. It tastes good.

    It is made from kava, but it is not kava and you won't be "drinking kava." It's still great, though, I love their concentrate. But at $2.00 a serving it is a lot pricier than the 40 cents a serving I get with medium grind.

    Drink one of those and it will taste like a pleasant fruit-based drink and will give the pleasant sensations most similarly approximated by a single serving of good scotch whiskey. Unlike with whiskey, where if you have another you will feel like you had two whiskeys, then another three, etc, after this concentrate drink wears off, you can have another and it will feel like ...... you just had a single shot of good whiskey. It doesn't accumulate. This can be a good thing, but it also means it's probably the exact opposite of what you seem to be looking for, i.e. to get wasted, which is virtually impossible with that concentrate. great stuff,though, love it, and have bought dozens of bottles of it. If it were cheaper or I had more to spend on it I would buy more. I especially love to drink it when I am drinking grog, like make a double shell of strong kava and then a few minutes later drink one of those concentrate drinks. When you do that it's called a kalmikaze and I find it equisite. Now THAT would be what you are looking for, so my advice would be go ahead and have one or two shots when it comes, to enjoy it. But then stash the rest in the fridge for later, should keep for weeks, and enjoy it later when you get some good medium grind and make proper grog. I suspect you'll be glad if you do.
  4. MichaelMcKava

    MichaelMcKava Member

    Thanks Krunkie, I found this information valueable.

    Is there anyone else or even Krunkie again who can recommend other products from that site? I'm a first timer to kava, but a long timer to substance use, I can handle myself inhebriated. Thanks
  5. theGrogfather

    theGrogfather Sipping on Waka juice. Laid back

    I agree with mckrunk, you will definitely get better results going with the medium grind. Concentrates and extracts are a lot less common and most likely won’t give you kavas full spectrum of effects. If convenience is something you’re looking for then check out kavafieds Aluball shaker, it’s a quick and easy way to mix up medium grind at home or on the go.
    Almost all the vendors listed on this site will ship to Canada, just be prepared to have customs potentially charge you duty ( I’m in Vancouver and happened to me twice, only within the past couple months)
    Kava Time, Kalm with kava, gourmet Hawaiian kava and Bula kava house are amongst my go to vendors.
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  6. SelfBiasResistor

    SelfBiasResistor Persist for Resistance!

    The concentrate drinks are fun to have around and have their place but they aren't comparable to alcohol. Maybe to a very low point beer and if you were to only drink 1 of those beers and be satisfied. If you want to feel the full effects of kava then you need to prepare medium grind, eat micro or buy an instant. Since you are looking for a strong experience, I would recommend products like Kava Supreme(Kavafied), Stone(Nakamal at Home), Nangol(BKH), 5 Star( and the instant from