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Kava Prep Disaster

Discussion in 'Kava Lounge' started by Deleted User01, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. Sunday Morning, 6:00am, Kava making time. This time I'm going to heat up the liquid per the study. I dumped 3 cans of Goya Coconut Water and 10 oz. of water with letchitin (can't spell today). I let the water get away from me I think. It was probably 140 degrees before I turned off the heat.

    1.5 cups Solomon .5 tongan in the blender. I dumped the water in the blender and the whole thing instantly turned to Jello. What the heck? I gave the blender a quick spin to mix it up. 15 minutes later I'm kneading a big greasy mess. The Tea looks more like Roux or thick gravy. Major bummer. At this point, I'm pissed. I quickly finish the kneading and dump the mucky Kava mess into a Pitcher. I'm not bottling this stuff. I dump the pitcher in the fridge hoping for some miraculous reverse chemical reaction.

    I'm fuming at the table drinking coffee and reading the paper. I go back to the fridge and take a few greasy gulps. Taste, not bad. Effects, heady and good. I do this 2 more times out of spite for either myself or the damn Kava. I' feeling good effects right now but I'm still debating whether to wash it down the sink or not.

    The Goya is not the typical coconut water I use and I'm thinking the stuff has too much Coconut grease in it and I want to blame that. They had run out of the 17oz cans of American Coconut water that I normally use.

    Those are the facts. Anybody want to tell me what went wrong? Has this every happened to you?
  2. infraredz

    infraredz BULA!

    Well, I've had that experience when there is too much kava and not enough water (or coconut water) and it's noticeably worse when using a blender than when kneading. It could just be due to the lecithin and fat from the coconut water that's making it so thick. When I use more than a half tablespoon of lecithin (without coconut water) I start to feel like it's too thick and greasy. How much fat was in the total amount of coconut water you used and how much lecithin? It could also be that the lecithin dissolved much more than usual due to the higher temp which made it more soluble than normal.
  3. I probably used about 1.5 tabs of Lecithin because the can was going empty. A tad too much but it's never been a problem (but I'll taper back next time). I had already thrown the coconut water cans away but I'm thinking that brand is not good for what what I need. It also had chunks of coconut (or fat?) in it. I hadn't thought about the temperature thing. This is the first time I heat up the liquid and I blew it. I'll be very vigilant next time. Meanwhile, I have the crud in a pitcher and it's good stuff so I'll see if I can close my eyes and swallow hard. I hate to waste it. Hey, maybe I can brownies with it!