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Discussion in 'Kava Lounge' started by Irish88, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. Irish88

    Irish88 Member

    Where can I order stronger Kava than the Borogu or Pouni Ono from KWK? I might be expecting too much from the Kava experience but it's not doing too much for me. I've tried 6 heaping tablespoons and it does give me a mild relaxed feeling. I have nothing against KWK and maybe they have a stronger root powder. I would appreciate any suggestions or let me know if I should lower my expectations. Thanks
  2. nabanga

    nabanga Kava Enthusiast

    I was quite dissappointed with the KWK Borogu when I tried it last year - very weak. I bought 4lbs and ended up using about 1/4lb to 1 liter hot water in a 1 liter blender to get any effect. It doesnt compare at all to borogu I have had in Vanuatu, which can take your legs away very easily.
    So I think most kavas will give you a stronger effect than this one. Have you tried Kava Time? They are always quality

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  3. kavakarma

    kavakarma Kava Enthusiast

    Borogu is mild in my experience, try Melo Melo or Nangol Noble. For strong Kava? drink Fijian Waka, good quality such as Squanch

    Kava from Vanuatu is excellent and can be strong,I'm giving ideas. I've found Vanuatu Kava to be very enjoyable, and that in these "not strong" Kavas, there is plenty of passion to experience. I have found Borogu mild like you say yet it's tasty and uplifting also. Not many Kavas I've found with a black pepper taste like that.
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  4. Irish88

    Irish88 Member

    Thanks for the advice. Are there any Kavas that are similar to alcohol? I really enjoy drinking liquor but I would like to find a healthier alternative.
  5. readyman

    readyman Member

    After 20 years of drinking kava after 20 years of drinking alcohol I wish I ciould say drink this brand of kava and it will feel just like the great Buzz you got from alcohol but I cant because to my knowledge it doesnt exist because the feeling for me is way different and BETER the kava feeling I like is heady and euophoric with just a better overall feeling in your body now you have to get the right kava for you and what it does for you to get to where you want to be Iam sure other people on this forum will chime in with their experiences
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  6. fait

    fait Position 5 Hard Support

    One thing to keep in mind is that the strongest kava isn't going to leave the South Pacific. It's so ubiquitous in the countries that regularly export kava that they generally give us the kava that wouldn't sell locally but would sell abroad. We can get a few batches of strong kava but we're at the mercy of generosity of the kava farmers growing it. This is speculative but believable if not probable. If you had the best apples in the world and people wanted to give you money for them, there's only so much money you could take before you run out of apples for yourself. But I like to think that some people in the South Pacific want to share their strongest root with the world, however much they can spare.

    Another thing is that kava is very perishable. There's a lot of the good stuff that makes kava work that gets lost when they dry it so that it can become more shelf-stable. Kalm with Kava and Kava Society's Pacific Root beverage is a mother****ing miracle and I highly recommend splurging at least once in a while on a pack of those. But it's not something you drink in high volume like you would grog made out of dry root. The kava industry is rapidly changing, overall for the better. We may have more options for "green kava" in the near future.

    To focus on there here and now, if you're still buying from Kalm with Kava, try the Borongoru. Much stronger than Borogu on average. Bula Kava House's Nambawan is a worthy contender to the title of its namesake "Number One." While these vendors try to offer consistent product, kava crops can vary year by year. The farmers can have a good year with strong root or a bad year with either not enough strong root to spare, or kava roots of lower strength. Be prepared for lack of consistency in that regard. Luckily, you have other options for vendors. They all have different suppliers more or less.
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  7. Edward

    Edward Aluballin' in the UK Kava Vendor

    As a general rule I would say stick to heavy kavas, they are more likely to give you a feeling somewhere near that of alcohol.
  8. Irish88

    Irish88 Member

    You guys seem to know your kava and thank you for sharing. I am going for the Borongoru and looking forward to it.
  9. Mo'iety

    Mo'iety Kava Enthusiast

    I have the opposite opinion of @Edward, I think headier, or maybe balanced, kavas are closer to alcohol. Heavy kavas have a body buzz kind of like an indica, and are more sedating than alcohol, at least than just a few drinks of alcohol. You'll pass out from too much alcohol. Not from too much kava.
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  10. Edward

    Edward Aluballin' in the UK Kava Vendor

    It goes to show how kava is different for everyone!
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  11. Irish88

    Irish88 Member

    I am going to try the Borongoru and I won't be too picky between the heavy or headier as long as there's some action.
  12. ThePiper

    ThePiper Kava Enthusiast

    If your looking for sheer strength over all else try kavatime's ambae or try nambawan or melo melo from Bula kava house. Those are all too strong for me to take more than a little of.
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  13. fait

    fait Position 5 Hard Support

    @Irish88 Borongoru is a good pick. You'll enjoy it. When you're looking for more, I keep hearing great things about Kava Time's Ambae and I totally forgot about Melo Melo. I haven't had Melo Melo myself but I also hear good results with it, so @ThePiper isn't steering you wrong either.
  14. jim lahey

    jim lahey Shamanic Herbalist

    I mean simply put kava will never give you the feeling of alcohol and will never get you really messed up. I mean I've definitely had moments like WOW kava comes to mind where after 4 shells I wouldn't get in a's kinda like chamomile tea ×20 with added muscle relaxation or if you've ever taken anti- anxiety meds kinda like that but again with extra muscle relaxation. If your looking to get messed up try other botanicals I hear alot of states have legalized a certain one that if you eat it, ( edibles)it's the healthiest way to ingest.
  15. Irish88

    Irish88 Member

    Are there Kavas similar to opiates?
  16. jim lahey

    jim lahey Shamanic Herbalist

    Not that I know of if u find any lemme know. Other legal botanicals will tho.
  17. Kapmcrunk

    Kapmcrunk The Kaptain of Crunk KavaForums Founder

    Nope, kava has no affinity for those receptors, no matter the strain. Very thankful for that.