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Kava Time shipping?

Discussion in 'Kava Time' started by HeadyKavaFiend, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. I ordered my shipment of Kadavu kava on this Saturday's afternoon and still it seems to not have left the starting point. Is it normally this slow or could the possible Hurricane warnings delay shipping in that area?
  2. Henry

    Henry . Moderator The Kava Society of New Zealand

    I dont think many people work on Sundays.

    I d suggest emailing them directly to enquire if you are worried, but I think it's not unreasonable for vendors to take a couple of working days to process orders
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  3. recentreturn

    recentreturn Kava Enthusiast

    I've always received my orders from them in a timely manner. But, yeah, they've always been responsive when I've contacted them.
  4. Yes, when checking the tracking of my package there was an alert which mentioned Hurricane delays. Though it has shipped today and should arrive Thursday. Excited to try the Kadavu and hope it can drop me like a fly after a long day's work. Thanks for the feedback though guys. I've had the ambae kava so I have high hopes for Kava Time.
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  5. Camaytoc

    Camaytoc Kava Enthusiast

    Same as you here. I'll receive kadavu and savusavu tomorrow. I'm super excited to try it!
  6. recentreturn

    recentreturn Kava Enthusiast

    Kadavu isn't as heavy as Ambae's, but I like it (and I think it tastes better).
  7. I figured as much. Ambae is Heaavy. Anything unique about this one? Body sensations, heady effects, euphoria? I'll have to see for myself but I haven't had kava in a while
  8. Camaytoc

    Camaytoc Kava Enthusiast

    Just received my kadavu and savusavu!
    I've just openned the kadavu and !!!! that smell!
    I am at my third shell and I'm chilling. Something is hapenning "behind the eyes" like someone else would say... Good stuff!
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  9. Oh wow! I received my kadavu while I was at work. Got home around 10 15 P.M. and went str8 to the kava. Excited on arrival I threw 4 tbs in my blender with about 12 oz of water 4 of milk and a little Mct Oil in hopes to increase the release of kavalactones. After the preparation, I chugged my 1st bowl and within 5 mins I could feel my eyes form a physical calm in a radial motion form through them.This is a bit hard too describe in my current state but it'll suffice. My body became looser and worries had begun to dissipate. I threw it back in the blender with another tbs for extra potency. Whoo! And man once the second batch kicked in my legs had become loose and jellow like sinking in the floor like molten with every step to my bedroom. Sitting back in my chair listening to psychedelic hip hop when I realize the insane audiotory effect make each note seem so pronounced and significant. I used to take xanax recreationally even while realizing the dangers because of severe depression some anxiety and anger but all of that has dissipated once I was krunk. When smokinf pot i still am prone to anxiety and the others sometimes. Yet i still enjoy it. Also, I just wanted to add that I had smoked some cannabis while half way through the 2nd batch of kava; around .5 grams or so. If you smoke pot I'd like to suggest the combination; they synergize perfectly.
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