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Micronized Kava Kavaberry

Discussion in 'Kava Time Product Profiles' started by Kava Time, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Kava Time

    Kava Time Fiji Kava Vendor

    Kavaberry is our strongest affecting flavored kava drink mixes. The flavor leans more towards kava and is ideal to be taken at a stage where you know the taste to expect from a kava beverage. When prepared according to our instructions on the label, you can get a taste of strawberry milkshake with a moderate aftertaste of kava. After a few sips of the kavaberry, your tongue starts to get numb which is the first sign that the kava has started working its magic.

    Kavaberry has a pronounced bodily effect and is perfect for those who are looking for a tasty heavy effecting kava product. Kavaberry smells like strawberry, tastes like a strawberry shake with kava aftertaste but still has that bodily relaxation effect you are looking for in kava. Mix with cold milk (any type), sip away before bedtime to get a wonderful sleep.

    Chemotype = 246513

    Effects = Moderately heavy

    Best for = End of day and before bedtime
  2. Adam44

    Adam44 Member

    So it's more potent than the Cocoa flavored one?
  3. Kava Time

    Kava Time Fiji Kava Vendor

    Body wise
  4. Zac Imiola (Herbalist)

    Zac Imiola (Herbalist) Kava Enthusiast

    Nice! My friend did this and I had some and it was delicious! I'm glad you made this !
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  5. Krunʞy

    Krunʞy . Admin

    A friend here at kf sent me some of this to try, it's really delicious. With milk it's like a strawberry/kava shake, hard to go wrong.
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  6. Lil' Krunkette

    Lil' Krunkette Crawling Chaos

    I can't wait to get some. It sounds perfect for a before-bedtime treat.
  7. sunshine

    sunshine New Member

    The Cocokava hit me differently than Kavaberry. For me, the Cocokava was stronger, and I also felt it in my body.
    Seems to have the same genotype as Tavenui's Secret.