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Micronized. Which brand? Worth it

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by UmbrellaOps, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. UmbrellaOps

    UmbrellaOps Member

    Hey folks! It’s been a while. I’ve been drinking the grog since December of 2018. I mainly buy Kalm with Kava’s Borongoru and Kavafides main blend.

    My question is, do you think KWK’s micronized kava is worth checking out? I’m looking for something that doesn’t require much water to Ingest as I’m sick of peeing all night, haha. However, I still want potency.

    Any help is appreciated!

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  2. greenbeen

    greenbeen Kava Enthusiast

    i think it depends on tolerance. I've been buying the micro and been going thru it extremely quick.
  3. Krunʞy

    Krunʞy . Admin

    Micro can be stronger because you are not straining any fiber out, in that same instance, it can wreak havoc on your Gi tract. If you don't have an overly sensitive stomach, you should be fine. KWK is worth every penny, in any variety or style.
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