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New in the UK and Europe! Extra Strong Ginger Candies NOW WITH US POLL

Discussion in 'Edward (UK)' started by Edward, May 22, 2018.

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  1. Edward

    Edward Aluballin' in the UK Kava Vendor

    I have obtained a supply of these extra strong ginger candies which I tried recently and found to be excellent...

    They really help subside any nausea associated with kava. Unfortunately at the moment these will be available only in the UK and Europe as the postage to the US and elsewhere would cost more than the products themselves to ship unless bought in considerable quantities.

    As you can see on Amazon they are £2.49 for a 100 gram bag. 100 grams amounts to around 11 or so sweets. My pricing is as below...

    100g for £2 (+£2 postage)
    200g for £3.80 (+£2 postage)
    500g for £9 (+£4 postage)
    1000g for £17 (+£4 postage)
    2000g for £32 (+£6 postage)

    Postage and packing fees apply UNLESS YOU ORDER THEM AT THE SAME TIME AS A KAVA ORDER OVER 6 OUNCES in which case the postage is FREE!

    Please contact me in the usual ways to order. Thanks.

    While I'm here I should give an update on the KWK Micro situaton. The machine is still down but I have managed to obtain some Vula Waka micro so at the moment my stocks are... Vula Waka, Borogu and Pouni Ono. The word is that Loa Waka will be back very soon. Also for those who have been asking I am still waiting for the 11 yr waka, BKH themselves are still out of stock but I am hoping to secure some from the next batch that arrives.
  2. Edward

    Edward Aluballin' in the UK Kava Vendor

    To everyone in the US... if these were available to purchase through Amazon in the US would you be likely to buy them or not? Poll added. Thanks.
  3. Krunʞy

    Krunʞy Kava Enthusiast Admin

    If it were available through Amazon in the US I would definitely try it.
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  4. Zaphod

    Zaphod Kava Enthusiast

    I know of 2-3 varieties of these in my area that are readily available at both the regular grocery store and the "farm" store down the road. Hard candies, crystallized soft ginger (my favorite), and soft chews etc.. So no not likely.
  5. Edward

    Edward Aluballin' in the UK Kava Vendor

    Fair enough but these are fiery little beasts. Also I wonder how much you're paying for the other types?
  6. Zaphod

    Zaphod Kava Enthusiast
    These are just the varieties at my local store. Gives you an idea of price as well. The "farm" store has homemade versions of a lot of these. Some are pretty strong - and I like ginger, including ginger beer. That said I am lucky enough to live near a Wegmans - not all in the US have this others might be more willing to amazon.
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  7. Edward

    Edward Aluballin' in the UK Kava Vendor

    This is the kind of information I am looking for as at the moment I am just considering my position. Thank you very much for taking the time to post this! :)
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  8. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    It was my understanding the definitive ginger chews are made by Chimes, no?
  9. Edward

    Edward Aluballin' in the UK Kava Vendor

    I tried some of those and they were all weird flavours and not very strong. These are hard candy and a lot stronger.
  10. Spud Murphy

    Spud Murphy Member

    Hello Edward,
    Are these a candy that you take by themselves or is an in between bowls kinda thing, and yes if they were available in the states I'd try them
  11. Edward

    Edward Aluballin' in the UK Kava Vendor

    I eat them any time but yes, between shells is a good idea. I don't always get nausea from kava but if I do then these help straight away. You could use them to refresh your palate after a shell and/or as a preventitive. I'm approaching some vendors to see if they will stock them. If not I may put them on