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New to Kava

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Sackman, Sep 12, 2019 at 6:22 PM.

  1. Sackman

    Sackman New Member

    Hello all. Thanks in advance for any help. I’m new to Kava. I’ve got a bit of anxiety and sleep problems. Have for a while now. I used alcohol for the past couple years just to be able to sleep. I haven’t had any health related issues at all and I take pretty good care of myself. I cut back drastically on alcohol the last three months and I’m having trouble winding down. Got two small boys so it’s not very peaceful.
    Anyway, I tried Loa Waka last night, 1 tablespoon micronized, but I feel like it worked at first then I kind of tossed and turned. Felt good mentally though. I tried it again during the day today and I do get the feel goods from it and it helps for stress for sure. Just curious to see if there’s a better strain for sleep and how much to take. How often? Etc.
    thanks for any help. I really think Kava is a gift from earth I’d just like to know how to utilize it better.
  2. Zaphod

    Zaphod Kava Enthusiast

    I find "heavy" kavas vs "heady" kavas to in general be better for sleep. They can all be good - but not too close to bed time. You want to take your kava at least several hours before bed. In general during the week I stop my kava drinking around 8pm, and I generally hit the sack around 10:30. Too much, too close to bedtime and your head will still be buzzing.
  3. Sackman

    Sackman New Member

    Great. Thanks for the info.