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Post kava meal fail

Discussion in 'Kava Lounge' started by Piper Methysticum, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Andrew Procyk

    Andrew Procyk Noble Kava Kava Vendor

    PM - Well, you asked for ritual information... Despite the "appetite suppression" that kava is known to have, and the reference in J Maarten Troost's book about being able to tell the kava drinking expats in Vanuatu from others because of their skinniness, there is a tradition in many of the villages for a pot of food to be brought to nakamal for the men to have after the kava. In my home village, they refer to it as "naunu," or the mouthwash that you consume after eating kava.
    Often times, it is a pot of yams, "pig soup" which contains stewed pork and rice that you eat with a folded leaf, the tops of certain trees that are used as food, or island cabbage. Sometimes, if you are lucky, there will be sweet coconut innards of the already-sprouted variety. (When a coconut starts to sprout a new palm, the inside - normally filled with juice/water - will fill up and take on a spongy texture, and tastes almost like a piece of coconut cake. It was one of my favorite bush foods, bar none! I had NO IDEA about this, despite living in FL with coconut trees most of my life! Coconuts contain not only food and drink, but the outer husk is cut into a spoon too - so coconuts really have all you need for a full meal, contained in one nice package! (The husk fiber is also used for toilet paper - but that is a story for another time.) OUCH! Give me my Charmin!
    Nonetheless, I have REALLY learned to appreciate a nice, filling, hot meal after kava - even though it seems counter-intuitive. Once you get over the hump and have a few, it is almost natural. The heat seems to help the lactones to decrease in viscosity, so that absorption is easier - but I would not do it before drinking... just seems to get in the way of things.
    Most of the good nakamals in Port Vila have some sort of kitcheny-type area for drinkers to get a post-shell mouthwash, and some of them have REALLY good selections. Stickmeat is a fave, as well a pawpaw (papaya.) Island cabbage is served in a bundle on a left for about 40-60vatu - about 50 cents! Laplap was straight-up 50 cents per section! The nakamal where Dr. Lebot and I went drinking when I was there had a tray FULL of pig stew with white rice for roughly the equal of $3. (Though I am not a fan of white rice, the stew was class-A!) Id you leave you room with $10, you can count on enough kava to send you cross-eyed, a filling, home-cooked meal, and still have enough left for the bus or cab ride home (as you will be too dronk to walk.) In the villages, you just have to stagger up the hill (or down it) to your hut... much easier - but not the choice of food.
    So, while it does numb the appetite as well as the mouth, once you start eating, you realize just how enjoyable and comforting it is to have a full hot meal with a head full of kava, and you might not go back. In the villages I was at, despite spitting out the last mouthful, it would likely not be a complete kava session without some sort of food to cleanse the palate And, once you get your first taste - it is all over... so get ready for a MEAL! (A starchy, bland, but oh-so-satisfying meal.) I particularly like the laplap that has the pig-strips laid in the middle of it.
    Hope that helps. Boy am I ever long-winded in these responses. Please let me know if my writing ever crosses from informative to tedious, and I will try to be more concise.
    Cheers! Maboos maboos!

    Very Truly,
    Iahi (Andrew)
  2. Kapmcrunk

    Kapmcrunk The Kaptain of Crunk KavaForums Founder

    I for one really enjoy your responses and always feel like I'm there with you when you post with such description. Love it.
  3. Andrew Procyk

    Andrew Procyk Noble Kava Kava Vendor

    Schucks - I have always thought that clarity and concision were the way to go. It is what I told my students to keep in mind when writing papers, and yet, it is something I fail to heed when writing simple forum responses. I will try to be a bit more compact in the future, I promise! (Like it or not!) ;-)
    I do remember the response about the volcano and the silence - and am very glad I could share that moment with you. I have this ideal fantasy where all of us can take a trek to Vanuatu, and visit the outer islands together, and experience just what I was talking about.
    One of these years perhaps. Soon! I have been trying to get a group rate for travel together with other kava bars - perhaps including the forums might indeed make it possible - or perhaps it is just another one of my fantasies.
    Nonetheless, I appreciate you appreciation. Nice to know I am not simply rattling off into thing air.
    Cheers, and all the best!
    Iahi (Andrew)
  4. Piper Methysticum

    Piper Methysticum Let Kava Take The Wheel

    More excellent info Andrew thanks- War and Peace sized replies aren't a bad thing when it comes to kava! There's so much fascinating science that the cultural side can easily get lost in the shuffle so its a real treat to get both!
  5. Piper Methysticum

    Piper Methysticum Let Kava Take The Wheel

    Forgot to mention, I've tried that warm tea idea for the last 2 nights and I'll be darned if it didn't seem to make a big difference. I might be capping of the sesh off w/ warm blueberry tea now instead of a meal.
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  6. infraredz

    infraredz BULA!

    I find that even hot water is good about 20mins after some kava. It also seems to help settle my stomach. Probably the best thing would be some hot ginger tea.

    A nice hot meal afterwards definitely "settles" everything down. Not only is your blood sugar stabilized (since we all drink kava on an empty stomach), but you also feel full and satisfied. It's strange, but my new ritual is to put some water in a mug and nuke it for 1:20 and then drink that as if it was tea. Works like a charm.
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  7. Andrew Procyk

    Andrew Procyk Noble Kava Kava Vendor

    One of our most popular teas in the kava aftermath is the lemon ginger. I have heard that citrus is not the best thing, as the acidity can break apart the lactones (unconfirmed, but in the villages they avoid citrus and pineapple for what they claim is this reason), but the ginger really helps cleanse the palate. For the same reason, we offer a few different types of ginger ale, but they lack the warmth that seems to help with the absorption. Either way - particularly with winter coming - enjoy your warm, post kava beverages!

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  8. Piper Methysticum

    Piper Methysticum Let Kava Take The Wheel

    I sometimes think back to my first kava preps 2 years ago and man I'm shocked how much it's evolved because of reading the kava lounge and experimenting on my own. One thing I've learned from weight lifting over the years is that carbs are good for getting the blood sugar level to rise, which of course is not a healthy thing to do often during the day for most people- but for weightlifters the carb-created insulin spike is ideal after a workout because it will shove nutrients into the blood stream then reach the muscle tissues that were just used. That mechanism works the same w/ kavalactones- it helps push them into the blood stream. Sugar Frosted Flakes (basically carbs on top of carbs w/ milk protein) is one of my regular after kava meals. One of my of my strong beliefs though is to not eat an after kava meal that consists of 100% protein. Generally protein is loaded w/ the amino acid L-Tryptophan which is notorious for making you sleepy after Thanksgiving turkey but protein also contains the amino acid L-Tyrosine which is a precursor of neurotransmitter dopamine. There's a special mechanism that comes into play when a carb is added to a protein source that allows the typtophan to make its voyage into the blood stream but not the tyrosine so for example eating turkey (protein) and mashed potatoes (carbs) creates the environment needed to make this happen whereas just eating the turkey will not- or at least not as much.
  9. KavaGurl

    KavaGurl The Original Kava Forum Mama

    I Love the idea of a nice ginger tea after a good kava session! Just sounds so conducive to the peace and tranquility that kava evokes to begin with. And yeah, that blasted L-Tryptophan gets me everytime! lol
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  10. KavaGurl

    KavaGurl The Original Kava Forum Mama

    Also, Andrew PLEASE don't EVER shorten your stories...replies, etc!! I love them:D I'm always captivated when reading them.;)