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Kava Extract Premium Kava Concentrate - 20g Jar

Discussion in 'Root of Happiness Product Profiles' started by Tyler, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Tyler

    Tyler Member Kava Vendor

    Our premium Kava Concentrate is a tried and true customer favorite. It packs 150mg of full spectrum Kavalactones per 2 gram serving and comes in a delicious Lemon Honey flavor. Our concentrate is made from Polynesian Gold™ brand CO2 extract which starts with the same Premium Borogu Kava that we sell as our drinking kava. It is then CO2 extracted using a proprietary high pressure, low temperature extraction process resulting in a very potent Kavalactone oil which is then blended with simple ingredients to provide a potent and tasty treat that you can take with you anywhere. This concentrate has the same chemotype and feel as premium noble drinking Kavas and therefore provides a reliable effect every time.
  2. This does indeed pack a punch, effects came on quickly and lasted an hour or more