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Putting the "Kava" back in "Kava Bar" at the Modernesian

Discussion in 'Kavafied' started by Kavafied, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Kavafied

    Kavafied Kava Enthusiast Kava Vendor

  2. Kapmcrunk

    Kapmcrunk The Kaptain of Crunk KavaForums Founder

    Matt, thank you. Thank you for placing kava first at your kava bar. I hardcore hope that your position causes others to take notice.
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  3. fait

    fait Position 5 Hard Support

    I wasn't aware that many people associate kava bars with kratom. I rely entirely on ordering kava online, since we have no kava bars in my neck of the woods, hence the unawareness.

    Good on you, @Kavafied !
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  4. AlohaAimee

    AlohaAimee Member

    Love this message! I hope I can visit Modernesian some day!
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  5. kasa_balavu

    kasa_balavu Yaqona Dina

    This is awesome news. I hope more kava bars follow suit.
  6. nashfire

    nashfire Stay Rooted

    Thanks for your dedication to da root Matt! Wish we had a kava bar here in Boise, have been by BKH in Portland once and loved it. Keep on shellin'! ::kavaleaf::::alubottle::::tanoafull::
  7. SelfBiasResistor

    SelfBiasResistor Persist for Resistance!

    I'm happy to see that Modernesian is focusing on kava because that's what a kava bar should do but I also wish the kava community would stop pushing the idea that the kratom industry somehow needs kava or is "clinging to kava". These kava bars or tea shops selling kratom and kava aren't popular with kratom consumers and kratom certainly doesn't need kava to make sales. From the opposite angle it looks much more like an issue with kava bars improperly marketing kratom as merely a recreational intoxicant. It seems to me the best way for the community to influence these kava bars would be engage with the shop owners rather than continually blame kratom for existing.
  8. kasa_balavu

    kasa_balavu Yaqona Dina

    An independent observer would likely come to the conclusion that the opposite is true; that kratom can't be sold in brick and mortar bars and cafes without kava.
    How else can one explain the use of kava as a cover for kratom sales? Where are the kratom bars?
  9. _byron

    _byron Kava Enthusiast

    Kratom is sold in head shops/smoke shops in the U.S. I am assuming they cannot be called kratom bars due to business licensing or maybe public appearance , but that is pure speculation.

    I did do a tour of tampas kava bars and saw more kratom then kava being bought at most "kava" bars.
  10. kasa_balavu

    kasa_balavu Yaqona Dina

    My point exactly.
    @SelfBiasResistor says
    But as you rightly point out, most "kava" bars are just kratom bars clinging to kava, using kava as a cover for their less socially accepted product. They aren't "clinging to kava" to survive (kratom is far bigger than kava), but to gain an air of legitimacy.
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  11. SelfBiasResistor

    SelfBiasResistor Persist for Resistance!

    Kratom is sold in many brick and mortar stores without kava so I'm not sure why you think it needs kava with it. Depending on the area there are many convenience stores, CBD/hemp oil shops, etc that sell it. The quality of the products are typically low just like most kava sold at local shops.

    Exactly. Kratom doesn't lend itself well to a bar environment. It's not dosed the same way as alcohol or kava and kratom consumers aren't wanting to drink it in bars. These establishments attract locals that like to pay a ridiculous price for a small amount of likely low quality product.

    Considering very few people know what either plant is or does, labeling kratom as less socially accepted is just ridiculous. The general public and scientific community overwhelmingly support kratom being available and this idea that kratom is generally considered a drug just isn't accurate.

    This one is really a stretch. Kratom is legitimate in it's own right and being sold with kava isn't going to improve its image. If anything, mismarketing it as an intoxicating beverage at a bar will bring negative attention to it which is why it would be better if these "kava bars" could survive on selling kava alone. These bars don't benefit the kratom community or the average kratom consumer and it's getting old seeing people claim they do whether it's to intentionally misinform the kava community or just due to a lack of knowledge and understanding.