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Re: KWK - Loa Waka. BAD SMELL. (Issue Resolved)

Discussion in 'Kalm With Kava' started by ApéroNoble, Nov 26, 2018.

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  1. Kapmcrunk

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    Closing Thread. Have spoken with Mike and Aeropronoble about the issue. In fact, I have a bag of the kava sitting in my kitchen. I'm still meaning to make a shell with it, but the smell is absolutely there.

    Symptom: A batch of loa waka had an unusual smell to it. The smell was a latex like smell. I've personally encountered it in varying degrees in many types of kava.

    Issue (Information from KWK): "this can sometimes happen when they're pounding the kava and transfer it to the bags too quick without letting it cool down."

    Resolution From KWK: "went through our last shipment and found 2 bulk bags that this happened too and we're not going to be selling those to save any future issues."

    Conclusion: A batch of kava from Kalm with Kava was pounded and bagged without letting the kava cool first, and caused a natural smell within the kava itself to be more pronounced and offputting. Mike, the owner of Kalm with Kava, has identified this issue and removed the offending batches.


Thread Status:
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