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Review videos hidden until further notice

Discussion in 'Edward's Video Reviews' started by Edward, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. Edward

    Edward Aluballin' in the UK Kava Vendor

    In a bid to get kava on a more legal footing in the UK I have had to disable my youtube content. I'm hoping this will be a temporary thing but I will update as and when the channel reopens. Thanks all for your support.
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  2. Intrepidus_dux

    Intrepidus_dux Kava Enthusiast

    Sorry to hear that buddy. Hope the laws change over there.
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  3. Pauluk

    Pauluk Kava Enthusiast

  4. Mrbinx69

    Mrbinx69 Kava Enthusiast

    Good luck Edward. Lots of work to do here too in the coming days
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  5. Gourmet Hawaiian Kava

    Gourmet Hawaiian Kava Kava Expert Kava Vendor

    Why do you have to hide your videos in order to start this organization? Do you think they will not like your videos or that your videos will stop you somehow from making this organization or do you think your videos will stop your organization from reaching it's goals?
    Just asking, just curious. Aloha.

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  6. Edward

    Edward Aluballin' in the UK Kava Vendor

    I've been selling kava in the UK as a pet supplement. It looks odd for me to be doing kava reviews and talking about the effects of certain kavas and then to be selling kava not for human consumption. It's just a temporary precautionary measure. By challenging the law in the UK to a degree we are putting our heads above the parapet and drawing attention to ourselves, kava and the situation. Preparing for the worst to start with and we'll see what happens.
  7. recentreturn

    recentreturn Kava Enthusiast

    Haha; This was actually the very first thing I thought of when you said you were starting this organization. Thanks for all those great reviews! Totally understand why you have to hide them (though, really, if you stick your head above radar, I doubt anyone is gonna think you are only selling it as a pet supplement).
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  8. Edward

    Edward Aluballin' in the UK Kava Vendor

    We'll see how it goes.
  9. AZcat

    AZcat Member of the "Order of Kava Drinkers"

    Just tell the Muslims in the U.K they can use Kava to get drunk without having to drink alcohol, and they will promote it for you.