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Kava Preparation Rolling pin prep method

Discussion in 'Kava Lounge' started by infraredz, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. infraredz

    infraredz BULA!

    I tired this out today with 6tbsp of root and ~1-1.5 cup of water in a large ziplock bag based on Piper's video.

    I ran into this problem, as you can see below.

    The water/root mixture seemed to 'bunch up' the bag at one end. I noticed that in the video that PM posted, it showed what looked like either a smaller bag, or more root/water (or both).

    Because of this, the method didn't really work because I just pushed the mixture towards one end of the bag and then couldn't roll it anymore or it would burst.

    What am I doing wrong?
  2. kavadude

    kavadude ❦ॐ tanuki tamer

    I do pretty much the same thing (6 tbsps...a glass of water). I use a gallon bag.

    (1) Be more aggressive when rolling, the root will gather at one end but just pick up the pin and roll it back into the middle.

    (2) Squeeze the air out as best you can before rolling. If there's still too much, lift up the end of the bag, make a small opening, and use the rolling pin very carefully to push the air out.
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  3. Piper Methysticum

    Piper Methysticum Let Kava Take The Wheel

    I wish I had seen this earlier, but ditto kavadude. I thought of posting another vid showing how I force the air out and still might do so. Once the air has been removed the environment to extract the kava is pretty much prime because the roller can now make really good contact with the kava. Lately I seem to be readjusting/realigning the bag more often as I go I think because I'm applying more pressure. It seems to be working well for me so far I haven't done a traditional squeeze now for close to a month. By the way I'm really honored if anyone tries this method and look forward to hearing about any pros and cons you encounter.
  4. infraredz

    infraredz BULA!

    You should be, this is a pretty ingenious prep method. It's great for those nights where I can't sleep and don't want to knead for 20 mins. It's pretty astounding how quickly you can get a reasonably potent result (usually only ~2 mins).
  5. Piper Methysticum

    Piper Methysticum Let Kava Take The Wheel

    Thanks a bunch infraredz- I once thought rolling longer would achieve better/more potent results but it doesn't seem to. I think I get the best results after just 2 minutes or so myself. Very recently I've been adding maybe an ounce or 2 of whole milk to the kava then stick it in the fridge. I find that Koniak as with most kava goes down much easier when it's chilled and the milk might be a decent emulsifier. I seem to get a little more punch out of it when I add the fat but perhaps I'm expecting to so it could be placebo so to speak.
  6. kavadude

    kavadude ❦ॐ tanuki tamer

    So has anyone tried this with a finer kava? Because I just made up a batch of boroguru/fuu using this method and it was incredibly thick. I ran it through a fijian strainer, and a mesh strainer, and it was still too thick to drink. I'm trying to think of why it would be that groggy using this method and I'm not really sure why. It's been a long time since I had boroguru/fuu and I haven't made them using kneading recently so maybe they really are that thick.
  7. infraredz

    infraredz BULA!

    Boroguru is ground very similar to Koniak it seems, so the culprit could be the Fu'u.

    I've never had any issues with Boroguru being too think- it's a perfect grind. I've never even had to strain it twice. Fu'u on the other hand, especially if you got the old batch, I had to strain that through two nylon stockings doubled up and I still got ~30% of the powder lost (into the drink).

    I doubt it is the rolling pin method, although I haven't tired it with the Fu'u but there's no reason it would be 'pulverized' anymore with the rolling pin than a high speed blender (which I use).

    FWIW, Boroguru is 'thick' tasting (a la full-bodied :)) and Fu'u has a great reputation for being very mild. That being said, the Fu'u was still 'thick' tasting I think because of the amount of root that got through the strainer. Next time you make a batch, measure out how much powder is left after you strain and you might get the answer....
  8. kavadude

    kavadude ❦ॐ tanuki tamer

    I was just thinking how nice the Boroguru and Fuu smelled compared to the Koniak. But now I do remember how spicy Boroguru is.
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  9. kavadude

    kavadude ❦ॐ tanuki tamer

    I'm basically 100% converted to this method. I made about 5T Koniak and 1T Fu'u last night with the rolling pin method, and I was honestly thinking to myself "maybe I drank too much kava." It was a pretty strong batch. Today I ran out of bags so I made the same amount, but with kneading. Maybe I'm just a lazy kneader, but it's not nearly as strong. Whether you like it strong or not, getting more bang for your buck is always good.
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  10. TidyMinion

    TidyMinion Kava Padawan

    Read this post and knew this is what i needed to do to top off my Friday night. Tossed 2T MeloMelo and 1T Solomon in approx. 2.5 cups mostly water w/coconut milk added. Let it soak for a couple commercial breaks and did a quick couple minutes of rolling pin and had a big cup of mellow ready to go :)

    Good call, kavadude!
  11. infraredz

    infraredz BULA!

    @kavadude How long are you rolling for? I've only been doing it for about 3 minutes and it doesn't seem to yield an exceptional batch (but still good).
  12. kavadude

    kavadude ❦ॐ tanuki tamer

    two washes, ten minutes each, then I mix them together and drink it all. I do the same when kneading.