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Second day trying kava

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by babyk80, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. babyk80

    babyk80 New Member

    Yesterday I tried Kava for the first time. Started with 2 teaspoons per drink & ended up toss & washing more & more with no effect, between two sessions I probably did a good 6 tablespoonfuls with no effects at all so I'm thinking I probably have reverse tolerance. I ordered a sample pack from KWK 6oz total micronized 3 kinds basically one for day one balanced & one for evening, tried all 3 yesterday on an empty stomach both sessions. With hours between the two sessions. Decided today I'd take the day time one just tablespoon & that's it for the day, if I do this daily for a while I should eventually feel it from my understanding. I cant get past the taste, mixing it was rough I was full of just so much liquid drinking two full mixed drinks & a chaser that's why I did toss & wash so I wasnt full of liquid I drink coffee in the am & water thruout the day, I've noticed this as well as another natual supplement I've tried recently my skin is drier on the days I take either. I have psoriasis & the spots that are flared up tend to be more sore yesterday & days I've taken the other stuff. Trying to get past the reverse tolerance without making myself sick of the taste. Recipe ideas, ideas on how to get past reverse tolerance easily, I've done my share of things in the past trying to be more healthy in my older age of 38 lol thanks for any tips or tricks y'all & nice to be in a group of people who know what's going on with this stuff.

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  2. Atticus

    Atticus :)

    Bula and glad you are trying Kava. It's amazing.
    I know it might sound crazy. But, I love the taste now. It grew on me. I think I associate the taste with good things coming? But, it grows on you. There are also a ton of things you can do to make it better. Here is a Mojito recipe on Youtube from Kavafied.

    Also, some folks mix with fruit juices and that can help. Someone on this forum had a recipe just recently that people seemed to have liked also.
    It may take you a while. I believe that it can take up to a month for some. Within a week for others. I've seen alot of folks give up on it too early. But, when it hits you it's really nice. It seems to affect most differently and it will be a personal journey for you.
    An empty stomach REALLY helps also.. I usually try to have around 2-3 hours of empty stomach before I start for the night. You mentioned mixing it. Are you using the Aluball? Highly recommended. I usually do around 2 tablespoons at night in 2 washes with the Aluball. But, it's different for everyone.
    It will come and it just has to build up in the blood. And the taste can be modified or you may even grow to like it.
    Here is a link to the frequently asked questions for this site.
    Also, here is a link to the new members forum. It may help you to share ideas with people just starting.
    Hit me up if you have any questions and so glad you found these forums. The people in here are the best and it's a great community.
    bula to you.
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  3. Atticus

    Atticus :)

  4. babyk80

    babyk80 New Member

    Thank you for your reply. I've read so many good things. I am using the micronized instant so I am using it alone, I tried it in cranberry juice but it didnt mask the flavor much. I am hoping to get use to the taste of it, I am more worried about getting sick of the taste before it actually starts working. But I haven't read anything bad other than the taste so of course I had to try it. Glad to have found people to conversate with about all this. Looking forward to my break through.

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  5. Atticus

    Atticus :)

  6. MichaelMcKava

    MichaelMcKava Member

    I know there are certain micronized kavas that are supposed to not taste as bad as the rest of them. Like I got pouni ono and it isn't unbareably gross. I don't like it by any means, but it's not too bad that I can't drink it down every 45 minutes.
  7. babyk80

    babyk80 New Member

    Didnt take any yesterday as I was so tired I just slept a lot of the day. Today I did toss & wash with a chocolate milk shake whiched worked out well, only took another teaspoon full. Here to day 3. thanks for all the suggestions I will be looking into them more.

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  8. readyman

    readyman Member

    you might try the flavored kavas from Kavatime Kavasseur did a video on cocokava you might watch it
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  9. muddywaters

    muddywaters Kava Enthusiast

    If you aren't feeling it on the first few tablespoons and you also chugged it then that is strange. Even though I use more because I make little dissolving balls out of micro I put under my tongue and let it do it's thing, if I don't I'll at least still get something. I found after my initial buzz more kava will not do much either but at most make me heavier and more likely to just feel too lethargic the next day. But when you said you did a toss and wash with a milk shake it went well meaning it worked? If so kava and tolerance is so strange, I don't think I'll ever wrap my head around it. I always take a little peanut butter after drinking for good measure with my usual snack. I never noticed this reverse tolerance aspect to it because it worked from the beginning to me and sometimes in between I'll have sessions that are total fails with just a little relaxation and a somewhat uplifted mood for a while and some with the same amount that blow me away. I could see newer people thinking they broke through when if they kept going they would see it gets a lot more wacky than that. More kava per session means more chance of the dermo too unfortunately which for me has not progressed past the top of my hands and part of my lips so I'm not worried but it is ugly and annoying to deal with. I guess wherever you are already prone to it is where it most likely will hit if it does.
  10. babyk80

    babyk80 New Member

    No it just went down much easier, still no effects, I just took it tonight washing it down with chocolate milk, still nothing. But at least I can get it down easier.

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  11. babyk80

    babyk80 New Member

    Here we are on my 6st try with Kava, took some yesterday in the afternoon about 2 tablespoons full, still no effects at all, this morning I just took 3 tablespoons total in the same amount of time I've been taking 2tbs the last few times. So I'm waiting & figured I'd do another tbs in 30 mins if no effects still, have read to keep dosing till you feel the effects? I feel like I could drink every thing I have here (about 4oz micronized KWK) & not feel anything, this RT sucks. Makes me wonder why I keep trying.... I haven't been taking it daily so will I still break through or do I need to dose daily till I break thru? I'd rather not dose daily as I have the psoriasis & it seems to get slightly worse when I take kava a few days in a row.

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  12. Saghloqh

    Saghloqh Member

    If I am reading right you have only tried micronized so far, right? I might suggest trying out some medium grind with traditional prep. I never felt any of the instant, micronized, or extracts. To break through RT, I used only about a Tbsp per day for a few weeks, then did a full on session. I had learned that if the first few tablespoons didn't work that day, anything after that would just be a waste of kava. Anyway, after a couple weeks of dosing daily, I did a boil and strain method, with about 5 tbsp. of medium grind, got great effects, and then it worked every time from there on out.

    It's a strange beast, but the minute I got it working, I have been able to replicate those results with the same method, or even less kava than I used before. Definitely worth it.
  13. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    fwiw what worked for me to break through was each day I would add 1 tsp to what I was making. If I felt nothing, I quit for the day and tried the next, adding another tsp. This went on for a while until I hit the krunk and never looked back. 4 TBS to 2/3 cup water did it for me. Subsequently, I have not needed anything near that strong. It was a one-time only catharsis trick.