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Selling my Kava stockings (Europe). Anybody?

Discussion in 'Kavaforums Market' started by kavastalker, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. kavastalker

    kavastalker Member

    Hi yaqona lovers ::kavaleaf::,

    me and my friend tried to start a little e-shop with Kava in the middle of Europe, but because of the all bureaucratic obstacles i´m right now selling my stockings - by person is preferable, but possible through the post also.

    I have around 1 kg instant Kava from Vanuatu and more than 0,5 kg of instant Kava from Fiji

    Message me if interested. (y)
  2. Henry

    Henry . Moderator The Kava Society of New Zealand

    So you were going to open a shop with 1.5kgs of kava in total? Wow, you were very cautious in your approach :)
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  3. kavastalker

    kavastalker Member

    When you type piper methysticum in Google with findings for Slovakia and Czech Republic, first thing which you see is official website from department of medicament control saying that Kava is dangerous and you can get a cancer. This is one of the reasons why people are suspicious about Kava, also people are afraid of trying new things... So Henry, you can imagine that nobody is going to buy 1kg of Kava at once ( not just because its horrible expensive here). There are already few shops, where you can buy like 1 to 20 grams but not for human consumption. In this way its comparable to coke (sorry for this example). So yes, 1,5 kilograms of Kava is really, really a lot here.
  4. tutti196

    tutti196 Member

    nah not really I live in Germany and have 5 KG on hand and annother 4 KG are comming here and yes its expensive as fuck 1 KG around 200 $