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Stone Kava: the best kava

Discussion in 'Kava Lounge' started by Nils, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Nils

    Nils Member

    I would just like to say that after trying a number of kavas, Stone Kava has remained the best and my personal favorite. Very heavy effects, unique (good) taste and excellent for sleeping. I tried Boroguru since people said it was similar, but I think Stone even beats Boroguru. The stuff is so potent that even when I filter out the sediment it's still stronger than a cup of Boroguru. If you haven't tried Stone kava for some reason, give it a try!
  2. Kapmcrunk

    Kapmcrunk The Kaptain of Crunk KavaForums Founder

    Same. It's just too expensive for my wallet.

    Stone will forever hold the heavyweight title for me.

    If it didn't have twice the price tag of boroguru, I'd be buying it exclusively
  3. kavadude

    kavadude ❦ॐ tanuki tamer

    The most potent noble kava I've ever had...and also the most potent tasting.
  4. hyperdown

    hyperdown Member

    I haven't tried Stone yet, do you find the taste, uhm, distasteful?
  5. kavadude

    kavadude ❦ॐ tanuki tamer

    It's the worst-tasting kava I've ever had.
  6. hyperdown

    hyperdown Member

    lol, thanks.
  7. Elster

    Elster New Member

    How does Stone compare to Koniak in terms of potency?
  8. kavadude

    kavadude ❦ॐ tanuki tamer

    Koniak is somewhat more potent in terms of effect but also much longer-lasting IMO.