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Powdered Kava Review The Kava Society - Borogoru

Discussion in 'The Kava Society (New Zealand)' started by sɥɐʞɐs, Mar 6, 2020.

  1. sɥɐʞɐs

    sɥɐʞɐs ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Review Maestro

    B O R O G O R U
    (A classic sedating Borogoru, but distinctly clean and highly drinkable)

    Alright, this is another great and thoroughly processed kava from The Kava Society NZ. Their modus operandi has been to source properly matured cultivars directly from farmers in Vanuatu and have them plucked, meticulously processed and promptly shipped to NZ. The difference in this process is really evident in the resulting beverage on many levels. They've previously offered a purely heady cultivar, Kelai, a heady leaning toward balanced cultivar, Palarasul and a fairly balanced blend of strains called 'Pacific Elixir'. Now we have the Borogoru, which helps round out their offerings by being their first full blown heavy/balanced kava to be available.

    As I open the bag, the first thing I notice upon smelling it, is that distinct Vanuatu style peppery/herbal scent that I love. It also has a hint of sweetness and cream to it, with a touch lightly toasted malt. The flavor is a bit zippy and peppery at first, but due to the processing/removal of the bark, it dissipates quickly and avoids the longer lasting stomach turning bitterness that you'd normally get from the root bark. The processing also creates a very appealing beverage color, which is a very light creamy beige hue rather than a dark dirty brown.

    The effects are very much an old school Borogoru style kava, which is to say, on the heavier side. It's very deeply soothing and sedating, but without necessarily being a super inebriating krunky leg wobbler. If you allow yourself to listen to the kava, rather than get distracted by TV or activities, you can very clearly feel it bringing you into a meditative state. Close your eyes and breath and you can feel yourself simply enjoying the peaceful calm it has created inside your consciousness. I personally find it better as a solitary inward kava or a wonderful natural and very effective remedy for anxiety/over thinking/ excels at these things. I don't find it to be very social or silly, but I don't think that's the purpose of these kinds of kava. I think it could be fun to mix this with a euphoric heady root, but I've yet to try this combo.

    As someone who prefers balanced and heavy cultivars most of the time and has a lot of experience with them, I noticed this root has a trick up it's sleeve that is very uncommon for kava on this side of the spectrum. It somehow manages to be light and clean, easy on the stomach and easy to chug while still clearly being a heavier sedating DHK/DHM style root. Usually heavier kavas have the side effect of being much less palatable, harder to chug, more nauseating and gut twisting...but this one, probably due to the processing, is as light and easy on me as a Tongan lawena...while simultaneously being a deep heavy kava. This is a very distinct positive aspect to me and perhaps the most significant aspect of this root, in my opinion.


    (This kava is so freshly harvested and ground, that
    there appears to be a lot of extra kavalactones floating
    around in it. However they are incredibly sticky and will get
    stuck to the inside of your bowl and on your strainer bag.
    Don't let them all go to waste though, as they are pure potent
    kavalactones. I suggest rubbing a little oil onto the bowl and trying
    to scrape them off with a spoon.)
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  2. SelfBiasResistor

    SelfBiasResistor Persist for Resistance!

    Nice review. This is the most pleasant and effective heavy kava I've had in quite a while. My thoughts at first were to mix in some quality heady cultivar like Kelai but I haven't done it yet since I'd rather not throw off the (in the current market) unique effect profile.
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  3. AaronCobra

    AaronCobra New Member

    Cool, that sounds really good. I have some on the way, looking forward to trying it. Been drinking Pacific Elixir for a while and really love it. Super consistent grog, heady and a little heavy with waves of euphoria.
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  4. greenbeen

    greenbeen Kava Enthusiast

    wow. Great review!
  5. ThePiper

    ThePiper Kava Enthusiast

    In terms of how heavy this is, what would you guys compare it to? Is it close to KWK Boronguru or the old GHK Boroguru? I've been a big fan of both of those but I can't handle the heaviness of some kavas. Squanch and Hiwa I can also handle fine but I get into dicey territory when I drink Kava Time or Bula Kava House heavies (I.e. either of those two vendors melo melo.)
  6. sɥɐʞɐs

    sɥɐʞɐs ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾ Review Maestro

    It’s a bit more like old GHK Borogoru, I’ve never found KWK Borongoru to be heavy. It’s pretty similar to KT or BKH heavies (which is something I prefer actually), but it’s processed like Nambawan/5 Star which makes it quite a bit easier to drink. If you wanna try something pretty similar but one step easier and a little more balanced, try Kava Society Melo Melo.
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  7. greenbeen

    greenbeen Kava Enthusiast

    What are some of the heavys from BKH? I cant decide if i like heady or heavy more. I should just get two of everything, that would make things easier