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Tried the new FijiFresh

Discussion in 'Fiji Fresh Kava' started by ThePiper, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. ThePiper

    ThePiper Kava Enthusiast

    I tried the lawena and could tell it was nice but this was having it after some nene. However this waka is super strong. Seems a little harsh on the stomach though. Lots Of sediment.
  2. Ricardo Piquant

    Ricardo Piquant ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I like it but it sure it's sedimenty. Definitely strong. Gives and gives in the bag. Even with a small micron bag it seems sedimenty. Nice aroma on the dry grounds. I haven't noticed any ill effects my self just yet
  3. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    Thanks! Sounds like this is a go.
  4. Goldfumed

    Goldfumed Kava krusader

    This lawena got me the most Krunk I’ve been in my short kava career, it’s quite good, I’m impressed. Gonna have to try a blend of the two next. It is a very Aluball friendly grind I noticed. Definitely won’t be a daily driver for me but when I need that extra umph I will reach for this stuff.
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  5. Zaphod

    Zaphod Kava Enthusiast

    I only had the waka last time around, and after so many good reviews of the lawena I was disappointed that it was out of stock by the time I went to order again. This time I was lucky enough to grab a bag of each. Both very good on their own. I am trying different ratios to see what I like best....
  6. recentreturn

    recentreturn Kava Enthusiast

    Looking forward to my order. Mail was shut down today, so hopefully tomorrow...
  7. FijiFreshKava

    FijiFreshKava Kava Vendor

    Hey, my kava is literally right out of the pounding machine. It will have many tiny particles, so you need a very fine strainer bag.
  8. ThePiper

    ThePiper Kava Enthusiast

    I use an 80 to 100 micron so i can't really go much lower. That said, i don't have a problem with some sediment in general. I think that it's the sheer strength of the kava that gets to me. The lawena fairs well though.
  9. SelfBiasResistor

    SelfBiasResistor Persist for Resistance!

    I used a BKH fijian strainer and there wasn't any excessive sediment. Potency of the waka was well above average but for me that was great considering how weak so much of what's on the market is at this point. Very heavy and relaxing.