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News Article Updates in Vanuatu

Discussion in 'Kava News' started by Krunʞy, Jul 28, 2018.

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    Not to detract from the seriousness of this at all but it's not quite like reported. Its not an eruption as such (no lava flow) but large ash emissions. The ash even falls on us in Santo 50km away, so it must be a nightmare living 5km from the cone.

    The govt have issued a decree that everyone should be evacuated, mostly to neighbouring Maewo, but they don't have the means to effect the evacuation, and most people don't want to go to Maewo but chose Santo if they have to move. Many on the side of Ambae least affected by the ashfall want to stay.
    So time will tell what the extent of the evacuations will be but many people don't want to give up their ancestral home unless they absolutely have to - and people on the upwind side of the island are all hedging their bets.
    I think most are hoping it will just go back to sleep like Lopevi near Epi & Paama did in 2006.

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    No kava flow? That's too bad. I've been meaning to get back into it...

    On a serious note -- how has it affected the other islands like your own?
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    Haha yes great says something that when I type 'lava' my phone thinks 'oh, he must mean kava'
    There's some ash on East coast Santo, Luganville, and north Pentecost, but it's mostly confined to Ambae.

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    Right. Fortunately there is no lava, yet there plenty of ash which is also qute nasty. It smothers gardens and turns water cachements to undrinkable acid. The risk to food and water is why the government want people to evacuate.

    If you compare volcanic gas output, Ambae is pumping surprisingly little. Check out this map of sulfur dioxide levels...


    Ambae is the island next to the "e" in Luganville. Pretty much every volcano from Tinakula up in Solomon Islands way down to Matthew and Hunter are all puffing more SO2 than Ambae at the moment.

    But yet Ambae IS active. The risk is localized, very heavy ash fall, rather than widespread vog. Radio NZ reported the following recently...

    If you've following the ongoing Kilauea eruption, Ambae is sort of like Halemaʻumaʻu on steroids: A caldera underneath a lake, blasting ash plumes up into the air. The lake water can interact with the volcano to cause sudden, large pyroclastic explosions.

    The periods of calm between eruptions can be misleading. Pyroclastic events can be super bad, though. There was a pyroclastic event on the west flank of Ambrym in the early 1900's that completely wiped out several villages.

    Water + Lava = big bada boom. This is a video of Tavurvur, near Rabaul, New Britain, PNG a couple of years ago:
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    More pictures of the affected areas here that were posted on Yumi Toktok Stret:

    It's really a lot of ash with just a few green leaves to remind you that these are not black and white photos. I suppose the rains will eventually wash it away, but I don't see how anyone could live there right now..

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    So this was on Ambae ?
    That's unpopulated, right ?
    Did the ash travel to other major islands to a large degree ?
  8. verticity

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    Ambae is a populated island, and the home of the kava variety Melomelo. The population was about 10,000, although many of those people have now evacuated. According to this article the ashfall is impacting other islands as well...
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