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    Is everyone out of kava?

    I think the implication is that you're superhuman if that little works for you. I, too, am in the 8+ club apparently, and it's really hard on the wallet.
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    We are all wimps and it seems that kava is safer than water

    It was craving anything at that point. Lol.
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    We are all wimps and it seems that kava is safer than water

    There was this time, around the time I had just developed agoraphobia, that I developed some extremely severe hypochondria. I stopped eating almost anything except vegetables and fruits I mixed up in a blender. I also had one chicken breast per day. I completely cut salt out of my diet, and I...
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    Kava Poll Positive effects vs. Negative effects *poll*

    One of the main things that bothers me, recently, about Kava is that my heart rate shoots through the roof sometimes. Sometimes, my heart rate stays well above 100 even a few hours after having consumed Kava. It's really agitating and stressful. Also, because my anxiety makes me extremely...
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    *Possible* shortness of breath from Kava?

    I get it too, sometimes, and it makes sense. Kava inhibits Voltage Gated Sodium Channels. It does this not only in the brain but also in various smooth muscles like the diaphragm. So, it depresses the activity of the diaphragm, and this obviously means you aren’t breathing as deeply/quickly or...
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    potato ricer for kava

    Well, I assume that, because a potato ricer forces what’s in it through a bunch of small holes, it should be pretty similar to kneading, and, therefore, it should be similar in potency, as well. I’ve never heard of anyone using a potato ricer, though, so I don’t think anyone can really say, for...
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    Worst tasting kava I've ever had!

    This is quite strange, considering I find Savusavu to be much better tasting than both Taveuni’s Secret and Ambae’s Kava. Maybe I’ve just got two different batches than yours, or maybe it’s because I immediately chase the Kava with water, therefore eliminating the chance of getting an...
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    Eating after Kava effects and scheduling

    In my experience, Kava seems to be potentiated when you eat something after drinking the Kava. It may be just cereal, as that's what I've just eaten. It's (maybe) definitely not placebo because eating, after drinking Kava, also potentiates the dizziness and double vision. Now, if the brain can...
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    Tudei is the day!

    Yeah, this type of thing is extremely bothersome. You see it a lot with almost every message that someone's trying to tell. It causes the opposite effect to the one it meant to cause. I suppose it wouldn't go as unheeded, if the exact reasons for the warning were listed as well. Some people tend...
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    Can you vape kava juice?

    Well, it shouldn't have to be short lived, I would think. You could just continue to vape, steadily, in order to mimic the length of effects from drinking Kava. Unless, of course, the strength is so low that it would be futile to try and achieve the same length of effects as drinking Kava.
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    I'm back

    I haven't used it personally, because of similar anxieties, but I've also seen no scientific literature on whether or not it can increase the development of a phobia if you end up having a panic attack. I do know it doesn't work if you don't have a successful exposure therapy session, or whatever.
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    that's bitter!

    There's that, and the strength of the Kava is better when it doesn't taste so bad that it causes nausea. It's obviously not increased so much as it is "revealed". It's pretty hard to listen to the Kava when all you can "hear" is deafening nausea. That's probably why the Taveuni's Secret I've...
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    This definitely sounds interesting for me. It could quite possibly be an antidepressant quality of Kava. Antidepressants normally take a good period of time before working, and Kava does have calcium channel blocking, and norepinephrine reuptake inhibiting, effects that could make it very...
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    Happy nightmares??

    All my dreams are usually so strange that they're fascinating. The only time that I started to get really vivid dreams was when I started writing them down, in a dream journal app, so I think it's a really good idea to start doing that again.
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    Does the Nausea go away?

    Idk if it goes away, but it does seem to vary over time and/or with changes in cultivars. I've been getting more nausea lately, whereas I've been getting no nausea whatsoever until a few days ago. So, I wouldn't say it gets better over time, but it might be a cultivar thing. If one cultivar...