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  • Hi Edward. I am interested in kava for dog that is very jumpy what are different types that may calm him.and how is he likely to feel do you sell different varieties?
    Hi Edward, the .eu site is telling me all your pet foods & supplements are out of stock... When will they be back in stock please? Thanks P
    Hello, if you join the site you will be able to see the bottom section which is anxiety supplements for pets. I have some piper methysticum in stock...
    Hi there Edward I was just on your website pet supplements Europe.eu and was wondering if you could give me some advice regarding the strains in stock? Many thanks in advance SQM
    Hello Chris, yes, I have a site at kavauk.org which is specifically sell pet supplements in the UK.
    Hi Edward. I'm looking for advice for obtaining kava in uk please. I have fibromyalgia and trying to find something that can help.
    Hi Edward, I'm interested in finding out about getting some kava for my dog, the supplements haven't worked well, and I'm trying to source some actual kava powder, many thanks.
    Hi Edward!
    I have placed an order with BKH and which will be delivered to a stackry.com address.
    Where do I go from here? What sort of information should I specify for the packaging so ensure that it doesn't get confiscated or charged at customs?
    I live in England by the way.

    Thank you!
    I'll send you a pm.
    Was on. Holiday in Fiji where I was welcome warmingly.i am nieve Even little stupid .was told it great for animals so brought some back for cat.worked well he jittery .had no problems but when I tried get it in Uk had problem can you help
    Good morning from germany Edward-i got the contact from Kojo Douglas LaRose over FB...so i like to order a good Kava to germany but as you know its a little bit tricky..so Kojo write that you can maybe help me..i suffer from Deppresions for Years and try Kava before and it helps me alot..thanks for your answer Edward .Bula
    Thanks Edward. As a Kava Expert, what do you understanding about the pros and cons of vaping Kava? I guess like all vapes there is little science out yet on it?
    Hello Jason, never been interested in vaping so I can't help I'm afraid.
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