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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome! I am also a recovering addict, my main addictions being benzos, meth, and heroin. Kava has been an extremely important part of my life these last almost 7 months of sobriety, it really makes my general anxiety dissapear, and makes life so much more "do-able". The best part is I never...
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    I Love Kava Friday Facemask Friday

    Hey everyone. Hope your having a good weekend! Our state of kansas is opening everything back up, despite cases continuing to increase by the thousands, next week clubs and bars will be opening. It's so frustrating. I wish people would take this more seriously. But hey atleast I can get my...
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    Awesome I'll have to give this a try then! Are they both 30ml bottles?
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    How many of you have a different kava every night?

    I mix mine as I go about my day. I'll start with some taveuni's secret, then probably some savusavu, as the day progresses I tend to lean towards heavier kavas so after a day of shelling heady kava I'll move to ambea or stone/wow kava. I feel the effects differently every time so it's hard to...
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    Depends if it's full spectrum or not. Would be curious to know if this stuff has labs to see if its thc free. Cant take it unless it is since I'm on probation.
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    I Love Kava Friday Kava Love Friday

    Sipping on a cup of savusavu, then going in for some stone. Also have some ambea's and ra's finest on the way from kavatime they just did a big restock so cant wait to try these out! Had a cup of kavanana from kavatime and it was quite delicious. Been a good kava drinking weekend. Bula friends!
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    I Love Kava Friday Well, Kava Forums, we made it

    Their savusavu is fantastic. I always try to keep some around. I've been trying different brands/strains, most recently nakamalathome, but I keep going back to kavatime. Good stuff!
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    I Love Kava Friday Isolated Friday

    Happy weekend everyone. Hope you're staying calm and positive through all this mess! Bula!
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    I Love Kava Friday Lockdown Friday

    Bula! Just got ordered to do 14 day quarantine myself. So no work for 14 days. Going to be rough but it could ALWAYS be worse. Grateful to be alive drawing in fresh air. Much love all
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    First shell being weird

    Nambawan for me does this almost every time if the shell "hits" and works good. That first shell give me jittery anxiousness than it smooths out to pleasantness.
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    Coronavirus Virtual Kava circle

    Tiger king? Lol soo good
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    Issue Resolved Kavatime not shipping?

    Thank you much! Sorry I just got confused must have been that mistake about the tracking emails. Cant wait to go home from work and have a shell of your fantastic stuff! BULA!
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    Any vendors still shipping?

    Realized they still ship at kavatime I just never got the email saying it was sent out and my usps tracking #. So for those wondering kavatime is still shipping
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    Any vendors still shipping?

    Tried to get some kava through kavatime and havent heard anything back from them in 4 days or so. I'm going to run out which is ok but I really would rather not be out for weeks if it takes that long, so does anyone know of any vendors they've purchased from in the last few days still shipping...
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    Issue Resolved Kavatime not shipping?

    So I payed extra for the two day shipping from kavatime 4 days ago and they still havent sent out the package, and wont return any emails. Is anyone else having troubles with them or any other vendors right now? I'm guessing it's because of the corona virus but still would be nice if they would...