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    Am I a Aluball cannibal?

    I've had my balls for years and shake vigorously. If they could get blue they would
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    Been some time away

    What are your favorite, strongest heavy or balanced kava lately? I'm mainly looking for strongest heavy kavas. I tried the new batch of supreme and kalm with kavas borogu so far.
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    After long breaks do you find the "reverse tolerance" has to start over

    Yeah, true I was just curious about the topic it was my first time using the aluball and the strain. So there are tons of factors of course and especially with my first time using this strain. However, I was wondering if there is any possibility of a second reverse tolerance.
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    After long breaks do you find the "reverse tolerance" has to start over

    I took a long break from kava, about a year and just picked up a double aluball and had some honokane iki. Pretty pleasant experience, but could have been a bit stronger perhaps, but I do know about how finicky kava is is so I'm really happy with how the session turned out. I'm just curious...
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    Which kava is good for daily use?

    Sorry to break it to you but unfortunately Pouni Ono wont be offered for a while as their plants need to mature before harvesting. I forgot how long it was maybe 6 more months? But look for it every so often and you'll get some eventually :)
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    Kava and the midwest

    I also have never heard of anyone trying kava, I got my one friend to really enjoy it, however, his budget doesn't allow for him to do it very often. I just found today that my brother in law has tried the kava tea that you can buy in stores :( , wish he had the real stuff. Im going to introduce...
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    Minor Dry Skin Suddenly Gone

    So I use kava at least 4 times a week. I found when I first started I noticed immediate dry skin of my face and needed to moisturize a decent amount. However, after drinking on and off since I created my account on here; I cannot seem to find that date on here for some reason, about 6 months I...
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    Medicinal Usage Question for regular kava drinkers who use kava for anxiety

    Exactly what what @Vice said. Take your dry kava and put it into your bag, with plenty of room to move around and shake until little dust comes out. I do this everytime. I even just use this and put the rest in the bag for when I'm desperate and then do a large traditional method when needed...
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    So I just purchased 2lb of stone

    If anyone wants an update on how its been going so far, let me know and I'll be willing to share. Used it everyday since I received my package, maybe 5 days? Im not sure Im not counting haha
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    So I just purchased 2lb of stone

    So today I feel fine. The only complaint is that my mouth is sort of dry and my cough from my cold kinda tastes like kava sometimes. Other than that, I feel as I normally do. I actually am maybe a little less tired. I did get a nice deep sleep.
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    Sifting squanch kava into micro?

    I do this exact same thing for 90% of my grogs. I put in a strainer bag shake until there are only big particles left and then put the fine dust into a water bottle with desired amount of water and shake until mixed and then downed. I save the makas or however you spell, big chunks in the bag...
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    Counting on the Trendy to Revive Kava, a Traditional Drink

    I just skimmed the article cause I am very busy but I saw a high price of $18/lb :bigmoney:
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    So I just purchased 2lb of stone

    Also yeah, normally I'm super heavyweight with kava but after 6 I was pretty good and don't think my empty stomach can handle the very last approx. tbsp or less left.
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    So I just purchased 2lb of stone

    I shouldn't but thanks haha! I have 5 engineering classes tomorrow :banghead: so need to be in tip top shape :hilarious:
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    So I just purchased 2lb of stone

    So just to update. I tried 3 tbsp of stone about 8 hours ago and then I had 6 more tbsp within the hour. Strong effects, mild stomach discomfort. Thats normal with me because of the way I prepare my root. Lets see about any two day effects. I will report back tomorrow. Seems to be nice so far.