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    For those of you who've developed a tolerance, how long of a break did you take to reset/lower it?

    In the beginning for me, one aluball shaken for a min was plenty. Several years in it now takes 3 aluballs shaken for 10 mins to get anywhere near where I want to be. Interesting that most people do not have this experience. I have not found that not drinking for a few days or a week does...
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    Kava in Miami Recommendations?

    I will be in Miami for a few days and noticed there are a few kava bars around. Anyone have recommendations?
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    Palarasul kava from Kava Society NZ

    Any plans for US distribution? @Henry
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    Nakamal at home fresh kava?

    This says it's shipped frozen!
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    Nakamal at home fresh kava?

    Anyone tried this yet? Ive seen no talk of it and just stumbled upon it! Who's got the deets!?
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    Full Spectrum Krunk

    This method is just what the doctor ordered! Thanks for the upgrade!
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    Full Spectrum Krunk

    Unless I have a new kava to try, I always blend and love to try different combinations. It never occurred to me to mix more strains in smaller amts. I always do a ball of one...a ball of the other...and so on. BTW is it just me or did the vanuwaka get weaker when the price went up? Maybe it's...
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    Is Canopy Botanicals Gone??

    I cancelled my order that was in 'pending' status for over 2 weeks and re ordered after you posted. I just got the invoice and paid it. I had been leaving VMs and sending emails every couple of days about my order and got no responses. Really strange given this vendor's usual responsiveness...
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    Is Canopy Botanicals Gone??

    @Krunkie McKrunkface I know you are a fan of the vanuwaka! If Canopy is dead we need to secure a source for that stuff!!
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    Is Canopy Botanicals Gone??

    The vanuwaka is my goto kava for strength! I ordered some 2 weeks ago and my order has been in pending status and I am unable to reach them via phone, email, or FB messenger. I ordered with a PO, which has always worked with an invoice sent to me to pay via paypal. This is very unlike this...
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    Anyone try fijifreshkava?

    Ordered! Can't wait!!
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    Kava and Sensory Deprivation Float Spa?

    I have done floats several times and loved it. Have not tried it after kava but I think it would be helpful. It always took me the full hour to shut my mind chatter up!
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    Aluball question

    Maybe I'll experiment w/ that. Problem is it's hard to get a consistent reading on kava from day to day. I just know 3 balls with 2 TBS each is usually what I need. Unless it's Vanuwaka! lol Trying out the 5 star from realkava tonight!
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    Aluball question

    Why is 1 TBS per ball ideal? I've been doing 2 TBS per ball. Is the extraction less effective w/ 2 TBS?