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    new way to potentiate kava

    Still happening here, now last night when I was over a family members place I was eating some veggies in rice and got more of a boost after. I tried peas on their own but that did nothing. Carrots did though, not as much but they did. I'm baffled, looking at the nutrition info I can't find...
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    We are all wimps and it seems that kava is safer than water

    Nope I add nothing to it, at most I tend to have some chips after, and as I go on for days in a row it only gets more filling. My breaks are more because that bloating in there tends to reduce how effective it is and to get more room for food outside of what I usually have for breakfast and...
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    new way to potentiate kava

    The frozen stuff from the store is ready to eat after being thawed and for my experiment and I didn't want to cook out any natural juices. I'm as confused as you. I was thinking that the vitamin E could be causing this but otherwise I have no clue. After the asparagus I eat a small amount of...
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    new way to potentiate kava

    This is going to sound ridiculous but I found a way to potentiate kava greatly. One night I was having something with asparagus in it and though it also had avocado in it, I noticed I got a boost before I even got there that no fat has ever done before. So I singled out asparagus and bought a...
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    Kava and fear memory

    exposure therapy and kava has worked for me with a lot, my trauma used to be a lot worse before it regarding associations. I see a lot more clearly now, since it even attached to certain music which I'm very big on I was able to face a lot through that alone in my own bedroom. If it's associated...
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    We are all wimps and it seems that kava is safer than water

    Same here I just felt a need to eat less more often because kava is filling. I've gotten the nausea and bloating but only when I was eating terribly while drinking kava and had a lot of micro. Kava otherwise is safe as far as I can tell. Maybe you'll experience some digestive issues or be too...
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    Kava and Bowel Movements

    I don't get nausea much but when I do I never actually vomit. Usually burping is fine enough so it's probably just gas build up. It gets thing moving when I drink it usually but it's never anything loose either. I'm just someone who is more prone to getting bloated so I need to limit myself more...
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    If You Had to Describe the feeling of Kava in One Word...

    Infinite. I consider all possibilities I have, everything is so much easier. Good in stressful times when it's due to something completely uncertain you just have to wait on and do when you get the chance. Always another way if one thing doesn't work out. Don't worry about it, be like water.
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    Worst and finest tasting kava ever (for you)

    I remember Nene being very close to the most mild kava taste wise, really calming kava too with no extremes either. Cactus Kava's Loa tasted the most inoffensive to me, honestly thought something was wrong because it was so easy going down but wasn't too bad, could have been stronger for my...
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    Idea ; Kava flavored by Decaf Coffee

    I think the only reason I like the taste of coffee is because of the association with the wake up call I get in the morning and that's just light roast. Only fruit juice for has done the taste of kava well, nothing can completely mask it. I don't mind much because once it's down, it's down but...
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    Unemployment and Kava

    Kava has done the same for me, allowed me to face things I couldn't before and allowed me to be more fearless in getting better and getting through difficult times. Also helped out a lot in the area of not comparing myself to others as much. Taught me two things for sure "money is not your god"...
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    recent batch of Borogu effects

    Has anyone bought it recently? Believe it said Feb 2019 on my bag of it. Noticed it was a lot more piney smelling and tasting this time around with a more heady edge to it. Am I right or just going nuts here? This batch feels more like a slightly more body focused Moi now to me. Still fine but...
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    I'm A Dumbass I Drank 2TBS of Nambawan Kava Powder Like An Instant/Micro

    You'll be fine, I've had way too much sediment before when I was a newbie to making it the traditional way and I just had a stomach and head ache the next day after a disorienting night not even knowing what to expect out of any kind of kava. Maybe even have some peanut butter and try to give a...
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    Thank You Squanchy

    I loved Squanch waka, really unique experience, still drinking it now. Very Black Sabbathy kava, Master of Reality is perfect album for it. Slow n low. I don't tend to like to rock or metal out with my kava besides drinking it but Black Sabbath's music certainly has some kinda magic to it.
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    Strain Variety

    That's a lot of kava! It's hard to come across kava I haven't felt something similar to now though under the umbrella of what we do have, can only do so much. My dreams about trying everything one day are crushed but I'm more concerned with the quantity left of those we do have from online...