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    Kava Depot Extract

    I can vouch that their extracts taste horrible. So horrible, it was hard to eat enough to catch a great buzz from it. I had some of the 30% extract from them.
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    Anyone heard of this brand?

    Wow and Nambawan are definitely not the same kava, even if they might start out similar. Wow is heavier and leaves my muscles feeling sore the next day fro not wanting to move. Nambawan makes me sleep like a baby. They both give me a zoned out feeling that any coherent thought is unlikely if...
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    Kava verse Kratom

    I bought a bunch of kratom a year ago. Still have most of what I didn't throw away. I just didn't respond to it. No euphoria. Usually made me naseous though. One of the worst tasting things imaginable.. Perhaps some people feel euphoria from it. The closest I got to that was getting...
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    No current batches hit the spot

    Because I don't believe there is anything illicit, immoral, or unethical about ignoble kava, I don't judge anyone. That being said, from my experiences, ignoble/tudei kava sucks in the long run, if you plan on feeling healthy and productive the next day or so. If you don't have a problem with...
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    The Palmetto Plunge method for kneading kava easily

    Here is a method I came up with for kneading medium grind kava. It has the advantages of being nonmessy, quick, and keeps your hands clean and dry. Kavalactones don't cling to your hands, thus you get less dermopathy on your hands. I used to get cracks in my skin near my fingernails when I...
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    First taste of Hawaii'an Awa, at home

    @Mo'iety I think that both make me feel very happy. Pana Ewa speeds me up if I have work to do. Neither is sedating to me. I really like both, but maybe a slight edge to Mo'i. Pana Ewa makes me feel more talkative and walk faster than Mo'i. Mo'i is better for a happy relaxed chill, but it's...
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    First taste of Hawaii'an Awa, at home

    Just finished a pound each of Mo'i and Hiwa. Mo'i is very good for a happy feeling. After 3 tries, I might not get Hiwa again for a long time. For me, Mo'i has a special place, and it would take a lot for another kava to replace it for the happy feeling without being to kavain heavy inducing...
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    Stone Wow

    I think the DHM in Wow made my muscles numb when I went into the gym the next day. I would be about 2/3 as strong the day after, and I didn't feel like lifting weights. Occasionally Stone batches do that to a lesser extent.
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    How much kava do you keep on hand?

    A lot of the rarer kavas I used to get and really loved, I haven't seen in a couple years. I thought GHK would offer a new variety every few months, but there are several Hawaiian cultivars I'm still waiting to try: papa ele ele puu puu, opihikao, and mapulehu. I think next time certain...
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    Kava doesn't get me off anymore

    Yeah,still don't believe in it
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    No kneading at the Nak

    Foolishness. Using a blender would extract far more kavalactones than rocking it back and forth. Then pour through a strainer. I have a rally good no kneading method that I'll film sometime soon. I call it the Palmetto Plunge. Especially good for second and third washes.
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    Kava doesn't get me off anymore

    I don't believe in reverse tolerance anymore. When I sometimes drink over 2 lbs a month, it doesn't hit me any different than if I have less than 1 lb a month
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    Kava doesn't get me off anymore

    Well, for similar reasons, I tried kratom. Seemed good for a few days, but now does almost nothing positive. When I finish this batch, I'm unlikely to order kratom again. I really like certain kavas so much better when they are in form. I would love to see some new Hawaiian cultivars, but...
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    Kava Poll What country are you drinking kava from?

    This only represents the viewers on the forum, not all kava drinkers. Otherwise it would be dominated by Vanuatu and Fiji.
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    Kava Botany Ethiopian Teff as an Analogy to Kava

    Are the problems with export from their native countries, or with US importation restrictions?