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    New Kava Recommendations

    ITS a tough call this worked for me roughly 17 years ago I got off drugs and alcohol talked to a man called JEFFERY THE FIFIAN from nakalahome kava he was the Man he helped me with kava thru my journey it started with Stone kava that gave me the feeling I needed to push away the desire for...
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    Powdered Kava Review Tongan Family Reserve

    ITS kavasseurs number 1 kava
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    flavored kava

    Just tried banana flavored which is there savusavu waka and nixed in Stone kava from nakalahome WOW what a head rush in the morning thank you kava
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    kava effects

    Has anyone tried the papa new guinea from roh
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    kava effects

    Hi fellow Kavaonians not sure if that is a word but you get it I wanted to know about papa new guinea thats all I have for now I know the kavasseur said its super strong so if you took less would you still get a good kava feeling but not get knocked out pretty much I drink kava in the day...
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    how long will kava last in its original bag opened I have a bag of roh Papa new Guinea that is 3 years old
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    Has anyone had the Solomon or Wow this year?

    I mix solomons with black sand great combo for daytime
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    Just saying hi

    When drinking stone kava I like to add it to others like soloumons it helps give them a boost by itself it is rather strong and to me not pleasurable
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    Issue Resolved Kavatime not shipping?

    Kavatime simply one of the best and Neil is too
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    Alternatives to Stone byc [email protected]

    Maybe the kavasseur will chime in as Stone was highly rated he got me started with Stone and I still use it weekly not sure which kava its like but it is some Good kava for me and the wife but it is kinda strong
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    Heavy extracts?

    vendor ROH has shots and concentrates
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    I Love Kava Friday The day. The Arrival.

    Kava and lazy sounds good everyone have a Great weekend
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    I Love Kava Friday Kavalactone Friday (Valentine's Day Krunk)

    nakalahomes solomon plus black sand mixed kavas that will get me going today everyone have a GREAT kava weekend
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    Vaping Kava distillate?

    Try kavatimes flavored kava when its back in stock I add a little sugar to it with almond or cocounut milk it is good kava you should feel it
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    Kava - Food - Kava

    I am constantly trying to figure out what foods dont hurt kava feelings that you like seems that if you just snack like nuts cashews fruit like pinapple while drinking kava doesnt seem to effect the kava feeling at least for me