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    Unemployment and Kava

    We lost our job and got evicted. Did get a job in Clearwater Florida and fighting to get the deposits on a new home. We'll make it. Kava most definitely made a nightmarish situation a little easier. I put up a GoFundMe and that has helped. Damned Covid 19. Thank God for KWK!!
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    Everyone's current favorite kava and the effects it gives you

    We really dig KWK's MeloMelo.
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    Kava Culture Announcing the Passing of Mike Munsell, Founder and CEO of Kalm with Kava

    Kalmwithkava saved my life...Literally. got me off of alcohol. Thank You Mike, Cocoa and I are drinking a shell to you this moment...Bula.
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    I Love Kava Friday Server error Friday

    Thank you for keeping us going!!!
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    Possum ate my kava and got krunk?

    We have Raccoons and Possums in our back yard as well. Maybe tonight we'll put out our grinds and see what happens!!
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    Gotta say man....

    Gotta say, KWK delivered my order fast. They are always on top of things. We're grateful.
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    To our Kava Family

    Here's a candle and call to the Kava Gods to keep all of our Kava family safe and healthy.
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    I Love Kava Friday Well, Kava Forums, we made it

    How's my Kava tribe doing. Everybody good?
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    I Love Kava Friday Well, Kava Forums, we made it

    They won't let me go to my beach.
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    The Dreaded Dermapothy

    I don't worry about that anymore...I just enjoy my Kava. Funny how my teeth got longer.
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    I Love Kava Friday Toilet Paper Friday

    Watching one of our Lava Lamps and enjoying a few shells of MeloMelo from KWK. Peace, love, and sugar donuts everybody.
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    What to do with leftover sediment?

    I put that I my aloe plants, croton and ribbon plants.
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    Coronavirus Virtual Kava circle

    Cocoa and I wish you and your family the best!!!
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    I Love Kava Friday Corona Friday

    Wouldn't it be a hoot if Kava was the cure for the virus!! But then again, it would slam the market and ruin it. Oh well, we're stocked up right now.